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The calorie conundrum

Posted Dec 02 2010 5:45pm

Complete rest day for me today!  I took a Tylenonl PM last night and slept for about 8 hours.  Really needed that.   I was craving peanut butter, probably for fat reasons, so I knew that was what I wanted on my cream of wheat this morning!  I made them banana custard style :

1 tablespoon of PB (1/2 serving), 2 tsbp of fluff (1 serving).  Funny how volume works, isn’t it?

I made my cafe au lait this morning with Pumpkin Spice coffee that arrived in the box from Alissa for the Thanksgiving 5K.  This box was chocked full of goodies!  Check it out:

I am going to host a virtual run for Valentine’s Day, I think.  A heart healthy kind of thing.  Any interest?

So here is the scoop on what I am really doing this week.  Back in the day on this blog, I used to have my calorie counts on there for each meal and such.  As I began maintaining, I stopped doing that more for the fact that I was a little afraid people would just copy what I do and not think about whether it was right for them.   I actually used to do lower calories, but again, I was not exercising as I do now.

I used to think there was not much difference between losing and maintaining, but the further out I get, the more I think that is not true, at least for me.  With maintaining, I have more leeway.  One day I will eat more, then the next day I eat a little less just naturally.  The scale will wiggle up and down accordingly.  See and saw.  To be in actively losing mode, I have to string multiple “less” days together.  That is a very strange concept to me right now.  It feels different for sure.  I had gotten pretty comfortable the last couple of years with what I was doing (even though I said I wanted to shed 10 more pounds).

While I could eat the same and just exercise more, I chose not to do that because I didn’t want exercise to become a chore.  You all know how much I enjoy what I do.  The other thing is that adding exercise takes extra time out of the day.  Cutting calories does not take time from the day.  In December, time can be at a premium.

I decided on 1500 calories for a couple reasons.  First off, I am 42 (only in age, not in spirit), so things definitely have slowed down a bit.   I am also 5 feet 2 inches, and shorties just need less calories to begin with.  I also have an extremely sedentary job.  I mean slug like.  You cannot transcribe and move around at all – it just doesn’t work.  As soon as my hands lift off the keyboard, I stop making money.  That’s incentive to keep them on there.

Another factor is the fact that I have lost 100 pounds.  That in itself will slow your metabolism by 10% or more.   So, to lose weight, I need lower calories.  With that said, the interesting thing is that I can lose on 1500, whereas I couldn’t before I built this muscle mass the last couple of years thanks to lifting.  More muscle = eat more. Love!

Calories  are pretty arbitrary anyway.  What I am really doing is keeping more strict portions.  I don’t really care if I hit exactly 1500 calories.  You just can’t be that accurate.  I don’t care if my banana is a 6 or 7 inch banana.  I don’t care if my pear weighs 60 grams or 90 grams.  It’s just a piece of fruit.  If I am weighing out my oatmeal, I am not going to pick flakes out if I weigh out 41 grams instead of 40…. although I will add them to get up to 40… :wink:

What I am hoping is that when this 1500 week is done, I will have really solidified portion control for myself again.   It’s just spending some time being mindful and aware of how much I am eating and shaking a few bad habits that crept in.  So, there’s that.  Guess I should have mentioned this when I issued the challenge to myself LOL!

In the essence of time, I will just give you thumbnails of most of the other food I ate (or will be eating) today.

Calorie tally: Breakfast: 496, Lunch:  292, Afternoon snack:  170, Dinner: 404,  Evening snack:  190.  Daily total:  1553

We are going out to hear 2 concerts tonight. The first is an African drumming concert and then a guitar ensemble.  Yay!  We will be having coffee afterward.

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