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The Brother I hate to Love

Posted Jun 27 2009 12:00am
I know the title sounds brutle and a little un called for but I really have a hard time getting along with one of my brothers. He is 17 and a total know it all, self centered, hot thing ( or so he thinks ) Him and i will get along great and then it all hits the fan.

YEsterday I had a great day at work! I got a raise, a promotion and even spoke with the Vp of mydepartment (that never happens) I was on cloud nine and totally excited to be amking more money and being appreciated for all the hard work I do, I love my job and it was nice to be noticed for a day because sometimes I feel half of the people don't see me or even know my name. So I called my mom all excited to tell her the news and she states that we need to go and celebrate I couldn't have agreed more, I haven't done something fun in a really long time. So we planned on going to the drive in eating junk food and having a great time. Well when I get off work I walk outside and its Raining!! Of course nothing goes as plan. So i head to my parents and we cancel the drive in plans and I kept trying to come up with something fun to do but everything I offered my mom had something bad to say or she didnt want to do it. So my brother was all take me to a movie and we can hang out 9 first off very random, him and I never do anything fun and we rarely hang out together) So i thought cool this will be a good time to hang out and enjoy each other. Boy was I WRONG!! We find a time to go and he goes to get ready and knowing my brother that can take an hour so I gave him a time to be ready by and waited for him to come back upstairs. I am a persona that hates to be late. I HATE to have to stress about time and lines and not finding a seat. So ten minutes before the movie is suppose to start he is still getting ready!! GRRR So i yelled at him to come upstairs so we could leave and he just flipped calling me mean names yelling telling me to leave go alone I am not wanted. So I left upset and crying. So much for a good night of celebrating. i went for a drive to cool down and I get a text from him, saying I need to get over myself stop being so pissy and to not come back home since I am JERK!! WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! What makes him think he can talk to me like that!! So I go back to my parents get my stuff, tell me mom I am leaving and heading back to my place. She chases me outside and I take off. She then decides to text me and the whole thing just turned into a big mess. I cried the whole way home and I was so upset my mom knows we don't get along and due to some hangups I have with my brother he always knows what to say to hurt me. He likes to do it to. And in a way I always get upset that my mom or dad never stick up for me. They just sit there, and every time it breaks my heart a little more. So I have decided I am going to stay away from him. I am done letting him hurt me, I am done trying to change who I am for him because who I am is a good person. He has always been about himself and been about using people. I have come to find out I have lost my place with my family and things wont be the same I will always love them but this is what I need to do for MYSELF
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