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The Biggest Loser Is The Average Jane: Healthy Eating Myths Exposed

Posted Apr 06 2010 6:17pm

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I got an interesting leaflet in the letter box last week promoting a ‘good choice range’ of fast foods.

Guess who the company was? Domino’s Pizza if you can believe it. And to make matters worse there is a space cadet celebrity personal trainer who loves nothing more than to push his own barrel in the media plugging the range.


That’s definitely scrapping the bottom of the barrel when you have someone who should be promoting a healthy lifestyle to people fronting a range of products from a pizza fast food chain.

So, I opened up the mailout to see what they recommend as a ‘good choice’. It’s the same rubbish that they normally dish up. Highly processed pizza with a few veggies thrown on top to make it ‘nutritious’.

Not to mention the big fat oven baked sandwiches that look like a heart attack waiting to happen and the big bowl of penne pasta.

No wonder our nation is in an obesity epidemic when this stuff is marketed as healthy!

Surely you can't call pizza a good choice range can you?

Surely you can't call pizza a good choice range can you?

Oh yeah – chocolate mousse is included. But hey -it’s 97.7% fat free. Never mind the sugar and sodium levels right?

Here’s a tip: if you want to eat pizza fine. I do from time to time and I love it when I do. But it’s a cheat meal !

And when I have it it’s made as pizza should be – like at my favourite pizza place in Sydney . The food is fresh, the ingredients are minimal and the pizza base is natural and thin. Unlike the so called good choice options at fast food pizza chains.

I know what I’d rather have.

Unfortunately the biggest loser in this rubbish is not someone like me who can see through the BS. The real loser is the average Jane and Joe Public who are not educated on healthy eating matters and what actually makes healthy meals – especially healthy fast food meals.

If they see a person who they believe is trust worthy fronting an advertising campaign they’re going to believe it’s okay to have for a regular lunch – not just for a cheat meal.

And they are the big losers because it’ll be their waist lines increasing at the same rate of the space cadet celebrity personal trainers wallet from these dodgy promotions.

This regular rant is to help expose the healthy eating myths that are out there in the media – and promoted by space cadet celebrity personal trainers – so that you can actually achieve the weight loss success that you deserve!

Your fat fighting partner, Daniel Munday

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