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The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 13 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

Posted Apr 02 2009 10:48am

Pete Thomas’ Biggest Loser Video Recap of Week 13

You need to know how this show does their editing to understand what is going on later that night. The beginning of the show has Filipe, Sione and Kristin rehashing the eviction from last week. They were upset that Ron tried to say that Filipe needed to go home. All of them felt that there was an alliance with Ron and Mike and are baffled as to why Ron said what he said. Even though this is a weight loss show and a reality based show, it still is a game show. Ron I’m sure is trying to clear out the competition for his son.

Who’s back?
Ali Vincent is standing in the gym when the entire group enters. The reason she’s there is that Alison gave birth to a daughter the night before. That gives this show the date of Jan. 12. So you can see you’re watching what happened six weeks prior.

Ali told everyone that when she was on the show she had been sent home. After working out at home she got a second chance to return and in the end won it all. Last night there were three individuals that got that second chance as well. Estella, David and Nicole were players that got the boot early on since their teammate helped to eliminate them. One of them would stay by showing the largest amount of weight loss after being home. Estella and David got some nice remarks from the other contestants, but Nicole really got some attention. Each one of the three had to weigh-in with the winner coming back to be part of the show. The one player to come back received immunity for the next weigh-in. When they weighed in to start the night, Nicole by far beat out the other two and won a second chance to be on the show.

Much talk and shock by the other players since Nicole arrived because she is now just behind Tara for biggest percent of weight lost so far. Tara and the others bombard her with gossip as well as pressure about the show and her head is spinning at the end of their talk.

Ron’s Problem
Ron reported to Bob that he felt lightheaded and got chest pains while he walked around the track. They immediately took him to the hospital to find out what was going on. They ruled out a heart attack but found that he was losing blood. In order to get to the bottom of the problem they did an endoscopic procedure. Now Ron had a gastro bypass some years earlier and apparently there were some complications. They found 2 ulcers in his stomach and one was bleeding. They fixed the problem and needed to add fluids and blood to stabilize him. He was given the go ahead to return to the ranch.

Physical Challenge
Balance, balance and more balance is this night’s theme. Michelle Aguilar (last season’s winner) , subbing for Alison explained the challenge. Each player had to stand on a platform suspended above the pool with 40 ropes holding it in place. They got to hold a rope with one hand that was hanging down for support. At a certain time period, a rope under the platform was cut so it was no longer there for support. The winner who could hold their balance the longest without falling in got a one pound advantage for the night. There was no problem when it went to 39, then 38, then 37, but as each new rope was cut some of the players fell in. In the end Sione and Kristin were the last to stand and were down to 10 ropes supporting the platform. Kristin fell in when the 10th rope was cut so Sione won.

Last Chance Workout
Bob took his team to muscle beach for their last chance work out. They used rings, weights and other items available for their exercise. He pushed them very hard again and even jumped on Sione’s back while he did pushups.

Jillian had her team workout in the gym and again pushed them as hard as she could. She even had Mike doing some wrestling with her.

The stunner for the weigh-in was right away when Nicole got on the scale with immunity in her back pocket and gained five pounds. Because of the gain she lost her immunity. I have no idea what happened and by the looks of things neither did she or Bob. Laura and Ron also gained this week with Ron stating that he did no workouts as all. He and Nicole fell below the yellow line.

When the time came for voting who to send home, Filipe and Sione each voted to send Ron which was payback for the previous weigh-in where Ron said Filipe should go. In the end Tara, Laura Mike and Kristin felt Nicole was too much of a threat that they voted to send her home.

Written recap by Tom Rooney from Home Fitness Body
Video recap By Pete Thomas, winner of $100,000 on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’, from Winning Man.

This is an article from's Healthy Weight Loss and Fitness Blog.

The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 13 Video Recap with Pete Thomas

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