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The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 1 Recap

Posted Jan 08 2009 2:46pm
biggest loser 7 couples

The Biggest Loser is getting even bigger and accomplishing new feats. This season we meet oldest man (62 years old), the youngest man (18 years old), the biggest woman (379 pounds), and the biggest contestant ever (454 pounds). As you can see there is lots of weight to be lost.

Within the first 10 minutes of the show, the oldest contestant Jerry collapses during his work out. After he was rushed to the hospital they find that his blood pressure dropped which made him pass out. He didn’t let that stop him and continued on with the show.

The first challenge was somewhat of an obstacle course with the black team winning by a foot making them safe for elimination.

The next part is what confuses me and didn’t make sense with the ‘couples’ theme. There wasn’t an ‘elimination’ but 9 people were sent home. It was determined by the percentage of weight loss by the team. One team would be safe, while the rest of the teams have to choose one member who will be going home.

After all the teams weigh-in at a combined 382 pounds lighter, Ron and Mike are safe from elimination. Ron, losing 32 pounds, sets the record for the most weight lost in a single week on the Biggest Loser.

Each team then chose who would be going home that night. The only way back in for these contestants is to have their ‘couple’ stay in for 30 days.

Do you like this twist? I would have preferred it be couples the whole way through.

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The Biggest Loser Couples Season 7, Episode 1 Recap

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