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Posted Feb 19 1970 12:00am

This has quite possibly been the most horrible week of my life.
At least, in a long time.

Monday was pretty good, normal day.
For the first time in many months, we rode bikes rides to school!
Then hit the treadmill for 40 minutes with my friend and running-buddy Judith!
She's back from her Asian holiday (Missed her!).
And planned a SPIN class with her for 9am tomorrow.
Then I got a few chores done &
put together a super fabulous weekly menu :)

TUESDAY was a whole nother story.
Ready for 9am spin class, but...
I had forgotten (yes, I'm horrible mum) I had signed up for classroom reading with my daughter's grade 2 class.
And I left my phone in the car, so I had to decide...
leave Judith hanging without a phone call... and miss spin...
or bail on classroom reading...
There were a few extra parents for reading
so in the end I ended up in the gym,
but I STILL felt bad about it.
Either way I would have felt bad, unable to call J,
Just a bad time-management mistake.

At mid-day I was meant to take my brother-in-law to the airport.
Half way there we witnessed a near-miss car accident!
The guy ran right through a TOTAL red light!
With cars going the other way! Incredible!
Then... MY CAR DIES right there.
My bro-in-law helps me push it to the side.
He almost misses his flight.
We've spent nearly $2,000 and the car still isn't fixed!
The mechanic doesn't know what's wrong or why it dies randomly when there's 1/2 a tank of fuel still in the tank...

Then at 3pm (school pick-up)
Some grade 2 girl I don't know approaches me and says,
"[Your daughter, (insert name)] has a crush on [little boy, (insert name)]"
"No, I'm pretty sure she doesn't. In fact, I know she doesn't"
"Well, [little boy] said that if [your daughter] wants to come to [little boy]'s house then they can have sex!"


I was mortified,
frightened to death,
panicky, and
all at once.

The teacher and I went to the principal and she gave me the BEST ADVICE!
"Ask her what she thinks "sex" means."

Her answer was so cute.
"It's when a boy and a girl have TRUE love, not just love."
(Thank you Disney!)
"And what is TRUE love?"
"When they kiss they are in true love!"
Okay, good!
"Now, you know you're not allowed to go on a date until you're 16, and that doesn't mean boyfriend and girlfriend, it means going on a date. How old are you?"
"And is that 16?"
"No, but that's okay mummy, I'm not into that stuff anymore anyway."


Wednesday morning Garden meeting.
I'm head of the school gardening program.
HEAPS to do!!!
Barely had time for anything this day, and rain was annoying,
After school the kids first time at Auskick, the Aussie Rules Football association.
Auskick is great, but still just another thing on the list.

By Thursday I'm backed up by at least 5 loads of laundry,
and no time for laundry today in between Women's Group and 4 hours at the "Little Farm" (the school garden).
And, of course, on my busiest day of the week,
My eldest son get's sick.
Headache, a sinus infection I'm pretty sure.
After 4 attempts, I could not find a paediatrician ANYWHERE!
I decided to try a chiropractor.
URG! BAD idea!
This guy wanted to lecture me on how chiropractics will change your life.
Doesn't he know that one has already changed my life, for the better, 8 years ago?
I KNOW chiropractics is good.
Get off your soapbox and treat my son already!!!
Long story, and 3 visits later, he's no better.


To top it all off, Friday was the WORST!
YEAH, it gets worse!!!
For the third chiropractor visit we needed 2 cars.
I was to take one child with me to my job as Uniform Shop Manager.
My DH was to take the other two with him to the doctor.
He never made it.
The car crashed.
Everyone was absolutely fine, but I had to pick up the other two (now all three in my hands) while he took care of it with the police.

So I had to put up with three whiny, bratty kids
(they put on quite a show! Quite embarrassing!)
while trying to work and care for whiny parents!

And Johnny was sick all day too,
so I spent my day taxi-ing him to and from work 3 times.
No complains about that really, it was more relaxing than the whole rest of this week.

I think with all this stress this week, I've eaten at least my weight in chocolate and other junk.
I'm stressed, and depressed.
I haven't weighed in, but am certain I'm pushing nearly 165.
I was heading for serious trouble!!!

But today is a new day.
Today I push on.
Today I will beat this body, mind, and soul
Along with my junk-food desires
Beat them into submission.
Submission to health.
Body, Mind and Soul.

PS. I got 6 loads of laundry done this morning, so I feel better :)
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