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The Best Astrology Site Ever

Posted Jun 23 2010 9:11am

I love me some astrology. My whole family is definitely into it too. Call me crazy, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t think it’s any crazier than some of the stuff I learned growing up in Catholic school.

I am a Leo with Leo rising (August 7, 1985, 6:22 AM). When I found this out, I was pretty unsurprised. I’d always been a little more Leo than all the other Leos I know! (I mean….this hair…) But I really do love reading about people’s signs because I do think it affects how people behave and really relate to each other. It’s like why I loved Why Him? Why Her? I love thinking about why people are they way they are!

In chatting about horoscopes one day, my old intern directed me to Astrology Zone , Susan Miller’s horoscope site and the best horoscopes I’ve ever read. She posts the new monthly horoscopes on the first day of each month and I always get so excited for them (as do all my friends, whom I’ve passed the site onto as well). This isn’t reading my horoscope so much as reading a prediction of the future. She always just nails it. Everything is dead on. Everything!

This month?

I have saved for last the best news of all! Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into your ninth house of distant, exotic travel on June 8 and stay for the duration of the summer, until September 9. Romantically, travel and romance will be very tightly linked because the ruler of your solar fifth house of true love/new love will be based in your ninth house. Here’s the fun part – because Jupiter will be shoulder to shoulder with Uranus, you may go on your trip together very unexpectedly.

So that’s another reason I ended up here in Houston!

Anyway, if you are into astrology, I definitely recommend this site! I’ve passed it on to all of my real-life friends, (every month, we’re just like, “So what did Susan say!?”) but I realized that I need to share with you all (my imaginary friends).

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