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The Benefits of Organic Foods

Posted Dec 12 2012 2:05am
organic foods

Save the planet… buy organic.


There are various benefits we can get from eating organic foods. For organic foods, it is easier to find, convenient and most of all, affordable compare to other normal foods. If before, only farmers and health food stores only cater organic foods, now it’s also available to all grocery market or even in the malls. In today’s time, almost everybody wants to eat healthy like organic foods.

But first, what is organic? Organic are food crops that grown in safe soil without the additional of fertilizers or any additives. It is not only meant that it is pure crops or vegetables but there is also meat that is considered organic if they are fed with organic food and if they lived naturally in the outdoors.

We should also be aware that organic foods are not just beneficial to our health, but also to other factors such as:

Local farmers

Since organic foods are grown and sold locally, it gives support to local farmers in the near area. It gives them the livelihood and it is already a big help for them. In today’s time, people are living most in the city compare to the province but then if we support organic crops and products, we give an additional business to our local farmers. Through buying and purchasing organic foods, you are willing to stay healthy and pay a little as well.

Environment/ Surroundings

Foods grown organically also benefit the environment in several ways. One thing is to maintain our water a safety drink. Since water is a very important thing in our everyday life, it is essential for us to maintain its purity. If pesticides are sprayed on the plants, these chemicals have a chance to proceed with our water system. But in organic farming, these additives are not used so, we can save our ecosystem.

High nutrient levels

Sometimes we are deceived by the size and appearance of our food. It doesn’t mean that if foods are bigger, it is already healthy. Sometimes it appears bigger because of the water content. Organic foods appear small because they are filled with nutrients and just minimal water.

No colorings

What’s best about organic foods is that it is all natural without the presence of colorings and other additives which makes the food very superficial and unhealthy. Again, we should not be deceived by the colorful and vibrant foods most especially found in the fast foods because they are mostly contained by colorings.

Absence of pesticides

Even if you have washed the fruits and vegetables, there would always be a remaining amount of it in our foods which are very harmful and hazardous to our health which may lead to chronic and dangerous health conditions.  But then, if we stay organic, it is all natural without the presence of pesticides.

Full of antioxidants

Foods found in the store have lesser antioxidants than the organic foods because the it loses its freshness. However, organic foods have the highest antioxidant levels because they are fresh and natural and full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed in our health.

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