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The Beginning

Posted Jul 17 2007 1:51am 4 Comments
As of today (17 July 2007) I am 1.6 meters tall and I weigh 92 kilos. I'm committed to losing at least 23 kilos of that. The height isn't very likely to change but I'm definitely going to do something about the weight.

I have been overweight for most of my life and, with the exception of a few post illness periods, have been over the 190 mark since my 14th year. I don't over eat at all and I've actually had relatives and friends freak out about how little I do eat. I cannot stand the taste of sweet and fatty things and usually won't even celebrate events like my birthday and such due to my wanting to avoid the sweetness of the cake, beverages, etc.

I will be the first to admit my lack of activity though and I know that it's the main cause of my obesity. When I was younger, I lived in a really bad neighborhood and there was no incentive to go outside due to fear of being harmed in some way. I stayed in my room from age ten (when I first started really gaining) up until adulthood reading library books and watching television for the most part. When I turned 18, I got my first computer and the pattern continued up to the present.

This pretty much put me in the habit of not exercising much, if at all. I live in a new, safer neighborhood now and I am committed to changing this behavior by learning new ways of spending my time. I know it's not even remotely healthy to be so inactive, even with the avoidance of sweets, fatty foods, etc, and my goal as stated is to lose at least 23 kilos.

I am currently watching and participating in the Yoga and exercise programs on the local PBS station and dancing to music at least three times a week. As soon as I get medication for my Asthma, I also have a goal to walk at least one mile a day. I am hoping to increase this as I get more healthy and able to move further distances.

I will be buying and learning to ride a bicycle for the first time in my life as soon as I've saved enough money. Aside from being a cheap means of transportation, this will also be another form of exercise. It will not only save me money in traveling to and from local destinations on errands but it will give me the cardiovascular workout I need.

In addition to this, I've also adopted a vegetarian diet consisting of mainly legumes, rice, and other cheaper foods as I haven't much access to fruits and vegetables. I'm actually eating more now as a vegetarian than I ever did when I ate meat mainly because I couldn't stand the taste and texture of the sweet and/or fatty foods prepared back then as compared with what I eat now. I love fruits, veggies, and veggie based food products. I'll be really happy when I can afford more of the expensive stuff like Tofu and such.

1. The benefits of this will be an overall healthier body.
2. A greater stamina.
3. A much healthier mental outlook for myself.
4. A wider variety of clothing as most of my stuff is smaller than my current size.

This last one isn't as important because I'm not a clothes horse but it would be nice to have more than three pairs of pants to wear. I'm currently in a 38 mens (I buy mens because I don't like the cut/price of womens clothing and never have) but at my smallest, I was in a 30. I am hoping to get at least as small as a 34 again if not thinner.

Between the Yoga, aerobics, walking, dancing, and diet this should work out and give me a more healthy physical condition. I am committed to making this goal a reality by 31 December 2007 and will write my progress in this blog, on 43things, and on my GJ.
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I got down as low as 83 kilos before some stressful things happened and I lost my focus. Now I'm up to 104 but I'm determined not to fall this time. To aid in keeping more motivated, I've joined a clinical study that offers a lot more support than working on my own did. Hopefully, I'll be able to focus better on my own health this time around.
Kudos to you on the multitude of goals you've set for yourself. You are definitely on the right track to improving your health and fitness. Remember to keep a few things in mind as you are working toward your goals: First, try to set smaller, more realistic goals. Attempting to lose 23 kilos by December may be able to be accomplished, but the goal is not to just LOSE the weight, but to keep it off for the long haul. Based on the information you share about your plans for physical activity and dietary intake, you should focus on losing approximately 1kilo per week. Calculating how many weeks are left in the year, it would be more realistic to set a goal of losing between 15-20 total kilos. Giving yourself a goal 'range' is a bit more forgiving than setting one specific number goal, which may be setting you up for failure and disappointment. As long as you enjoy your "vegetarianism" keep up the fruits, veggies, etc. Shoot for a DAILY caloric intake of 1400 kilocalories in addition to good consumption of water. It is critical that you ingest enough daily calories and water to sustain your energy levels and daily life activities. Not eating enough only slows your metabolisms, making weight loss more difficult. As far as your exercise, your plan looks good. If you like Yoga and it helps you feel good, keep it up. Just remember that Yoga, in and of itself, does not expend a significant number of calories. Your walking, biking, and dancing does. (Remember to shoot for moving non-stop at a moderate intensity for 30-40 minutes as many times a week as you can. If that is a 'stretch goal', start with 3 - 10 minute bouts and build up slowly. After viewing your website, I'm glad to read that you have 'cleaned out your house' and have 'good food' at your finger tips. This is a GREAT Beginning. Reducing the temptation to eat high calorie/low nutrient foods begins with a good 'house cleaning'. Keep up the journaling. Current research shows that individuals who 'journal' their food and exercise daily are more successful at achieving their goals. I'll be looking forward to reading what you're doing each day and will offer help in any way I can.
I think it was a great idea to write down the benefits of sticking to your plan. For me personally, #3 would be the most important. About 5 years ago, I started being much more active and it made a HUGE difference on my mental outlook. I just felt better and happier more often and that made me want to stay active. I'd keep referring back to those benefits when it gets hard.
hi read your post. since you're shaking up the diet, you might wanna go to Whole Foods website - they have great recipes for vegetarian meals and gluten/dairy free meals too (which is what I'm doing).
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