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The bank card got heaps of use y...

Posted Sep 14 2008 2:55pm

The bank card got heaps of use yesterday when I grabbed some awesome books to fill my brain with awesome goodies for you guys.

My ‘they were 25% off’ justification brought laughs from my darling boyfriend who patiently held the books I piled up hehe!

The first one I picked up has left a massive impression on me and I think every lady should pick up a copy and get it in her handbag TODAY!

Read on to find out what the ultimate ladies handbook is!

I read the first book cover to cover in ONE sitting.

The name was ‘Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous’ by Esther Blum.

I was VERY impressed and have put together a mini book review on this special treasure.

Esther is what I like to call a nutritionist with a twist. This sassy lady has all the certifications but a refreshingly down to earth approach to both diet and life in general.

There isn’t any fancy lingo and lab jacket for this lady - she gets to the point and gets there fast!

This clever cookie has worked in the world of nutritional counseling for 15 years and left many clients fabulously happy in the meantime.

As Ether says, ‘I show my clients how to lead healthier lives and I encourage their naughty ways. I am pro supplements and I am pro cosmopolitans.’

Esther’s book is an incredible handbook for women in the real world.

She covers everything in this pretty pink book from eating your way to magnificent body, drinking like a princess, digesting your way to smoking hot bedroom fun, supplements made for beauty and navigating your way through a breakup PLUS MORE!

Esther goes through how to:

* Get in touch with your body the gorgeous gal way
* Manoeurve your way through the supermarket the right way
* Eat smart when living it up
* Enjoy drinks without adding 100’s of calories or hours of pain the next day
* Pick the right supplements to keep you feeling amazing all day, everyday
* Deal with heaps of common issues like PMS, cramps, colds, bloating & more
* Get through a sad time the classy way
* Workout the sassy gal way to make your body fabulous inside and out
* And MORE!

Here’s some of my favourite bits:

"A healthy, happy and beautiful woman honours herself and her cravings. Does this mean eating an entire package of cookies in one sitting? Non non cherie. This means that when you are going to indulge, you do it princess-style. Buy the very best cookies you can afford, put them on one of your sassiest dishes, sit at the table and fully enjoy eating them." Page 21.

"Whether you’re eating out, cooking in the kitchen, or cooking in the bedroom, have fun and enjoy yourself! If you treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner, balance it out the next day with plenty of green vegetables. At the end of the day, the only person holding you accountable is yourself, and eating gorgeous will help you be your own best friend." Page 49.

"Just because I’m a nutritionist doesn’t mean I’m immune to the perils of living it up large. Being healthy AND the belle of the ball is no easy feat. Rather than getting excited about going out and binge drinking let’s switch gears a bit and think about consequence free, grown up drinking that will leave us fresh as a daisy le morning after." Page 52.

"Did you know by eating a healthy diet, taking the right supplements, and taking care of your digestion you can increase your endurance and satisfaction and, most important, perform like the bucking bronco you know you are!" Page 77.

Esther is not only a refreshing dietitian but also an awesome writer. It didn’t feel like reading, it felt like sitting down in a hip NYC bar with a martini and fun albeit nutrition based conversation.

Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous is an exciting, informative and funny girls handbook. I thoroughly enjoyed it - it didn’t even feel like learning. If only high school had been this fun!

Rating: ★★★★★

This is seriously a must have for any sassy lady. Click the link below to grab your own copy!

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You don-t have to be in the mood for exercise!

Even fit people aren-t always in the mood for their workouts. I have been exercising regularly since I was 14 years-old. And I am in the gym all day with clients.

I can assure you-I am not always in the mood, but I know I will feel better when I-m done.

My motto, -You are just one workout away from a good mood- has served me well.

Sometimes it-s just a matter of getting started; fire up the nervous system; juice the joints; get your heart pumping.

After about 10-15 minutes you-ve started to feel lighter. And dare I say happier?

It is on these days that exercise can serve one of its most important functions - changing states.

Everyone looks at Gisele Bundchen, those seemingly neverending legs and teeny weight and cries out HOW!

HEAPS of people ask us how come Gisele Bundchen’s weight never seems to change? How does Gisele stay in such amazing shape?

So how does this Brazilian beauty do it - read on to find out :)

gisele bundchen weight Gisele Bundchen is a Brazilian supermodel extraordinaire! Not only is she the highest paid supermodel EVER she also a successful entrepreneur and passionate humanitarian - impressive stuff huh.

Gisele has her own line of footwear with company Grendene and she owns a HOTEL in Southern Brazil!

As a teen this stunning girl wanted to be a professional volleyball player but at 14 she took a huge step and moved to Sao Paolo to chase after a modelling career. She didn’t have to wait for long - she was discovered and placed in a series of beauty pageants before launching into fame at the New York Fashion Week in 1996.

For Gisele it was all upwards from there gracing the covers of hundreds of magazines, thousands of catwalks and joining the fabulous team of models for Victorias Secrets.

She’s since left the Victoria Secrets label to keep stepping forward with her career. Its safe to say this Brazilian is going places FAST!


So back to Gisele’s weight . . . How does she do it!

Gisele Bundchen’s Weight - The Breakdown

gisele bundchen weight Gisele’s diet = kind of non existent!

Gisele admits she looooooveeeeees meat. There isn’t any chewing on lettuce all day for this model. She says, ‘I like meat, real meat. It’s delicious.’

Gisele’s main vice is cheeseburgers - not a food thats on the list of many other supermodels I’m guessing!

Gisele doesn’t fall into the same category as most models and celebs in general. She’s not a dieter - I can hear the envious/exasperated sighs but let’s face it this girl is blessed.

Because of her active lifestyle and love for exercise (plus some pretty good Brazilian genes) Gisele doesn’t have to be too strict with what she eats.

The slender superstar says, ‘I’m very athletic, so I guess because of that I get to eat what I want.’

Although I have to admit I doubt Gisele gets that body from stuffing her face day in day out. I think the cheeseburger habit might be a bit of treat and she eats clean for the rest of the time.

Regardless of her diet Gisele more than makes up for her cheeseburger habit with her exercise regime.

Her favourite activities include:

* Beach Volleyball (a sport shes played for years)
* Yoga
* Walking her dogs
* Surfing
* Horseback Riding
* And even training Trapeze

So there you have it. Good genes, moderate diet and heapppppps of exercise is this supermodels weight loss secret.

Don’t leave feeling jealous and depressed. For ALL of us mere mortals it takes a bit of hard work to get into shape but we too can look amazing :)

Grab Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters book to see how you can get a celeb body in just 6 weeks!

High blood pressure is a known as a silent killer. This condition affects millions of people around the world - often without them even knowing!

High blood pressure can lead to a multitude of diseses and conditions including:

* Heart Failure
* Stroke
* Dementia
* Kidney failure
* Aneurysm
* Sexual dysfunction
* Bone Loss
* And more . . .

Yucky huh! Also being overweight has been linked countless times to high blood pressure and visa versa. So your reasons to get fit and healthy have just been quadrupled!

But there ARE some great natural and easy ways to lower blood pressure and I’ve put together a big list for you all :)

1. Chuck out all sodas, switch to water.

2. Jump on the fiber bandwagon, add it to your diet everyday.

3. Up your vitamin C intake with kiwifruit, mango, tomatoes and broccoli.

4. Drink low fat/no fat milk daily.

5. Keep your BMI within healthy range.

6. Swap red meat and bacon for fish, turkey and skinless chicken.

7. Cut down on sodium - read labels, stop adding salt to meals etc

8. ALWAYS steer clear of trans fat

9. Increase your magnesium with green leafy veges, grains and legumes

10. Don’t shy away from healthy fats like Omega 3 which you can find from fish oil, primrose oil and flaxseed oil

11. Juice a carrot from time to time this is great for cleaning arteries

12. Give Yoga a go its great for lowering stress and consequently blood pressure

13. Get physical with cardio at least 4 times a week

14. Quit smoking TODAY your life quite literally depends on it

15. Stock up on garlic its great for lowering blood pressure

16. Maintain a healthy weight - for a lot of overweight people a drop in weight by just 10% can regulate blood pressure

17. Build up your spice rack with fennel, horse radish, nutmeg, oregano, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, basil, black pepper and chili powder

18. Add spinach, kale and mustard greens to your shopping list

19. Aromatherapy baths and massages can help lower blood pressure (get your partner onboard!)

20. Eat more bananas

21. Swap coffee and tea for water as often as you can

22. Learn to love Ginko Biloba it helps ease pressure in the heart

23. Drink Noni Juice

24. Watch your alcohol, excess intake this can increase blood pressure

25. Try out soy products, these are said to make arterial walls extra flexible

For an all over body transformation (inside and out) you HAVE to try Valerie’s program. Click the link below.

I bought Bob Greene’s book "The Best Life Diet" at late night shopping tonight.

I’m only a chapter in and already I can see its going to be a good one!

I decided to sneak a few interesting facts to you tonight and I’ll do a full review when I’m finished.

Check it out :)

Always wondered what factors most influence your body weight? Here’s what Bob Greene had to say:

1. Genetics - biology does affect your weight to some extent but lifestyle is also a huge factor so don’t start making excuses!

2. Food - what you eat and how many calories you eat, That may seem obvious but so many people still get it wrong.

3. Medications - heaps of medications can affect your weight because of their impact on your metabolism and appetite.

4. Smoking - obviously quitting smoking is the most important health choice you will ever make. Do it!

5. Basal Metabolic Rate - the involuntary rate at which your body burns calories.

6. Basic activity - how much you move during the day doing basic activities like picking up the phone etc.

7. Extra activity - how much exercise you do i.e if you make an effort to workout.

The 7 main factors were taken from Page 20 of Bob Greene’s book "The Best Life Diet".

I’ll keep you posted as I work my way through it - its looking good so far!

If you just CAN’T wait then click the link below to grab a copy now:


Nutrition accounts for 80% of weight loss results. Regardless of what you do in the gym your body will only transform into red carpet worthy if you fuel your body the right way.

One of my main tips with regards to nutrition is to always pre-prepare your food.

I always say if you leave nutrition to chance it WON’T happen. . .

* Grill some extra chicken at dinner for lunch the next day.

* Have a container of pre chopped veges in your fridge so you can just grab them and go

* Marinate some chicken while you dry your hair in the morning

What you may or may not know is that the right food choices can not only help you lose weight, but they can also give you more energy, boost your immune system, improve your mood and sense of well being, improve your brain function and ability to think, improve your skin and help you sleep better.

Here are my basic rules for nutrition:

1. Eat 5-6 times a day: 3 meals and 2-3 snacks
2. Eat protein at each and every meal
3. Avoid processed foods and fast foods
4. Get your daily Fiber
5. Watch your portions
6. Plan and pre-prepare your food
7. Drink 80 -” 100 ounces of water per day (2 large water bottles)
8. Limit alcohol to no more than 2 drinks per week

Incorporate these basic rules into your daily eating and you will set for some serious weight loss results. Get ready for your very own celebrity body!

If you are a regular on UWLS you will have realised we are very pro-protein!

A diet of high protein, good carbs, low fat dairy and healthy fats is the ultimate combination for weight loss and overall health.

BUT you do have to be conscious of where you get your protein from. Obviously it is counterproductive if you’re getting protein but also heaps of fat and calories.

The experts say you should only pick protein sources that get LESS than 30% of their calories from fat.

I’ve put together a list of 30 different low calorie protein sources! Read more

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