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The Annoying Things I See At The Grocery Store

Posted Feb 11 2013 4:11am

Mini Rant Ahead

I have to confess that grocery shopping is not one of my favorite past times. Now, when I was morbidly obese, I loved to go the grocery store. My favorite aisle? The candy aisle. My second favorite aisle? The cracker and cookie aisle. My third favorite? The frozen confections.

I never, ever looked at a nutrition label. “Who cares about what is in it?” I’d consciously think if I saw another women looking at the side of a box. All I cared about was what the food inside the box tasted like. I looked forward to pulling out the brightly colored packages and showing John and the girls what I had purchased. If I had been honest, I was the one who was really looking forward to eating the contents of the donut bag, the Oreo package, the Breyer’s ice cream in the black box, or the chips inside the crinkly bag.

I don’t really love to go grocery shopping anymore for a variety of reasons, but the most compelling reason I have for not loving grocery shopping is reading the front of the boxed foods.

I’m tired of seeing claims on foods that are misleading at best and untrue at worst. Have you noticed that many, many foods claim to have 0% trans fat when they never had any trans fat in the first place. And the more worrisome fact, there may not be any trans fat in those foods, but there are loads of other ingredients from high fructose corn syrup to chemical additives. Someone who wasn’t paying attention may choose that food because they make the assumption that because the food is devoid of trans fats, it is healthier for them. This annoys me a lot.

I also get annoyed with the whole sugar cereal thing. I mean, really, children do not need to eat cereals with dye-laden pieces of sugar-filled rice. The ads on television that kids see make them beg their moms for those cereals while sitting in the grocery cart. I can’t tell you how many times I see a mom reluctantly give in. That mom knows it’s not great, but the mom may be like I was and justify the selection. The front of that same cereal box also declares how the cereals are fortified with vitamins and a good source of “whole grains.”

I freely admit to buying Oreo cereal, Reese’s chocolate puff cereal, and Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles. I honestly didn’t think too much about what was in the foods – just about whether the kids would eat them. Sadly, when I stopped buying them, and switched to healthier cereals like oats and those from Attune Foods , the kids initially complained because they had developed a taste for sugar in the morning.

I also get annoyed by the fact that many foods have less product than they used to and cost more money. Foods that used to have 16 ounces now have 13 ounces and cost $1.00 more. Think crackers. Think diapers. Think family sized cereal boxes.

Another pet peeve of mine is when stores put signs on the store shelves under foods that says “NEW LOWER PRICE.” For example, a brown rice that I buy used to cost $2.49. The next week I went in and the sign said “NEW LOWER PRICE” The new price? 2 for $5.00. Now, my degree is in Finance, but even for the mathematically challenged, this is not a lower price.

Well, I don’t often rant on my blog. But, yesterday was grocery shopping day and I came home thinking about how these practices still annoy me after all these years! Do you have any grocery store/food packaging pet peeves?  Diane

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