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The amount of obese people in th ...

Posted Sep 28 2008 2:04pm

The amount of obese people in the world is currently estimated at being approximately one billion, which is a phenomenal statistic, so where did it all go wrong and how have we become this way, over the years. Hopefully I will be to explain this so obesity we can see how it has become about.

1. In the 1780’s the steam engine was invented, this was the initial start of transportation, which enabled us to move heavy loads about such as coal raw materials and any other items, and for food transportation also.

2. In the 1820s railways expanded and steamships became operative, due to the innovation of steam transport, food transported around to many parts of different countries cheaply and effectively.

3. In the 1860s, we learn how to make basic preservatives in order to make food last longer.The lightbulb becomes invented we now sleep 8 1/2 hours a night, due to more industrialisation we sleep for seven a half hours.

4. 1903 and Trans fats invented, the beauty of these is that they can say on shelves for months without the food actually going off, and can be transported anywhere without too many problems.

5. 1890s and beyond that the motor car is invented, we now have the ability to travel long distances and meet people, and see all the world’s, without relying on and horses and walking.

6. 1890s in the middle supermarkets start to appear, and processed foods start to appear with various chemicals in in order to preserve them to last longer, these are laden with salt and fat.

7. World War II finishes and world production is now at 50 percent and are growing faster by the minute, something called the Marshall plan is implemented in Europe, which is used for rebuilding and Is used for a model for industrialisation.

8. Superhighways are built, for the ever increasing demand in automobiles/cars because of the versatility of the car railroads end up with us is going in decline.

9. 1950s and television comes to age, why be outside in the cold when you have entertainment in your own home, in the 1990s the average American watches approximately four hours of television per day.

10. 1950s and onwards we now are able to spray crops in order to keep pest down and control food wastage,

11. The 1960s agricultural subsidies are brought in, the American government pays farmers more to encourage food growth, corn which represented 46 percent, can be turned into dextrose, which revolutionises the fast-food industries, and supermarkets as well.

12. American agricultural production now pumps out 2600 calories, which increases to 3200 calories by the late 1980s, this represents double the amount of food that people need in a day, most of the excess calories are contained in packaged processed food and take-away food, soda pop etc.

13. The 1970s the rise of the technological age most of the best paid jobs now involve sitting at a screen, and doing very little else, microwave ovens are invented we can heat up food without doing a great deal else this is where we put our calorie laden high in sugar and fat meals we don’t even need to prepare them or expend any energy to cook our food it’s all done for us.

14. 1960s onwards, urban sprawl happens, the car now replaces rail transport as the most effective means of transport. Sidewalks or pavements now start to get smaller so we can just roll into our cars and go where we want to.

15. 1980’s and beyond whereas at one time we would walk to our place of work we now use our cars instead, we take our children to school in our cars, we go to supermarkets and fill our cars up with bucketloads of food, every week shops are no longer a part of the high Street, at one time of day you would have to walk to go and get your food from your local shop such as fruit and vegetables, but supermarkets eventually brought in the demise of the smaller trader and their food, the food is now put in front of us on shelves for convenience, and in isles which are in categories as it were in order for people to be to be able to find their produce quicker.

16. 1990’s we now use computers more than ever before the Internet starts taking over television as the most popular sitting down activity ever. We now have an abundance of machines that we can use at home that don’t involve much moving about, Playstation’s X-Boxes, etc. People use e-mail in organisations rather than talking to their colleagues or getting up to speak to them, we can now use phones anywhere we want to and see and talk to people for hours and hours, where ever we are, and will be mostly doing this while we are sitting down, in our cars outside at home almost anywhere.

The answer to this is quite simple we do far more or less activity than ever before the old saying goes use it or lose it as human beings we are not designed to be sitting for long periods of time being inactive, the amount of cases of diabetes these days is becoming almost a regular thing. We are becoming very poorly educated as regards food everything is about saving time and not necessarily our own health.

The big problem is with all of this is that due to all of the industrialisation, that we have around us we tend to think that we should just go everywhere in our cars. Rather than walking or buying fresh produce when you look back over this article most of what you see here, is because we have let ourselves become a bit too overcomforted with our lives and relying on technology to do everything for us so in the long run we tend to do less rather than more.

Source Material Dr Edlund

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