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The Advantage of 100+ lbs to Lose

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:19pm
In the beginning when the scale scares the hell out of you at 298 lbs one day you begin to panic because holy #$@& that's DOUBLE what I should be at a healthy weight. That's a long way to go to a healthy body weight and a huge commitment and long-term "diet." So I am here now 111 lbs less to be thankful for having to lose that much weight and still losing and here's why:

It has taken a long time for me to get this new lifestyle engrained into my second nature. Before, my first instinct would be to eat something fast and high calorie. In the beginning and even for the first 8 months, I believe still in the back of my mind I approached this journey to losing weight as a means to a end. Not in the strict sense that I wanted to go back to eating bad fast foods and take-out on a regular basis, but I think there was a part of me just waiting for it all to be "over."

Now, I completely appreciate the time it has taken and will continue take because I think I needed the extra time to truly rid my old eating habits. For a long time in the beginning I was following the program and making wise choices but really resenting the fact that I was now in a position to "have" to make those "healthier" choices. It sure seemed like an awful lot of work. I of course allowed myself to have the things I wanted, but the big deal now is that I realize that the things I used to want no longer appeal to me. THIS IS HUGE

The thought of ordering up a big ol' Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and fries now turns my guts. This is not to say I will never order a fast food meal again, but my tastes have changed and I would just as soon rather something much healthier. I am satisfied with eating less food now. THIS IS ANOTHER HUGE DEAL!

I used to be able to eat most people under the table. I still sometimes feel that my eyes are "bigger" than my stomach because when I am feeling the hunger pangs, I still sometimes anticipate that I can eat more than what I have now come to accept as an appropriate portion size. But then once I begin eating my stomach tells me different and I no longer need that bigger portion I used to gobble down no problemo.

I have 26 years of bad habits to break, so I don't think I could have ever felt confident at my goal weight unless it has taken a long time to acheive. I really did need this journey to be this involved and long-term, otherwise, I don't think I would be as "comfortable" and in control with my food choices. I think of it analogous to puting a bathing suit on a person and just throwing them into a pool vs. spending the time to teach them to swim first.

Speaking of which, time to get a new smaller bathing suit! (tee hee)
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