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The 600 calorie snack pack

Posted May 20 2009 1:22pm
My wife is a good person.

Today I appreciate all of the efforts she attempted to help me lose weight.

A few years back, not so much.

We never called it losing weight, but rather "getting healthy".

She never told me I was unattractive, or huge, or anything like that. I am glad, because I wouldn't do well with that.

No, I met a woman who loves me unconditionally!

My favorite story of her trying to help me lose weight was a couple of years back. I was at home watching TV and my wife just got back from grocery shopping. I helped her bring in the stuff when she said something I have never heard her say before:

"Honey, I bought you someOreos."


She bought me Oreos. Weird, because earlier that week, she was telling me how concerned she was about my health.


I was looking through all of the bags and I did not see any Oreos. I knew what a Oreo bag looked and sounded like. I could spot the blue anywhere.

Now I probably would have rather had Soft Batch or something by Pepperidge Farms, but Oreos would do just fine.

" Hey, they forgotto give you theOreos."

"No they didn't. They are right here."

She pulled out a box that said 100 Calorie Packs OREO Thin Crisps.

I remember getting my hands on this box and staring at it.

This was the first time I have ever seen a 100 calorie snack pack. I have never been really good with snack packs.

No, the snack pack of pudding and Jello really never hit the spot for me. Shocker since I could have eaten a Buick at 400 pounds and still be hungry for a barn.

But looking at this box, it does seem like the bag is overflowing with cookies. Maybe they were a special 100 calorie pack.

Also, I noticed there was no cream filling. I am pretty sure that is what makes an Oreo. Kind of like getting a M and M without the candy shell. On the box, I saw some white dust. Maybe they sprayed some new cream filling on each cookie.

I smiled and thanked my wife. At the time, I was insulted, but I would never tell my wife that. I know now how hard it is to help someone you love lose weight. Dare I say impossible.

But, she could have gotten me some real cookies!

So I opened the box, and tried one bag.

In about 1.2 seconds I was done with the bag.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, they were not even that good, yet they were in my belly fast. I remember looking in the little bag a second time just to see if I missed any, like in a secret compartment or something.

Not satisfied, I ate another bag, and then another.

In about 53 seconds, I finished the box. 600 calories of bland dry cookie.

Although I never did anything about it, I realized something about me that still holds true to this day. As much as I want to do great with portion control, it is still such a struggle. Changing the way I eat really is the best move I have ever made. I do watch my lean meats and fat free dairy, but it is a good feeling that I can eat a good amount of vegetables. I am different, which I can live with.

When my wife saw that I ate the whole box of " Oreos" she looked at me funny.

" You know, you were only supposed to eat one pack."

I starred at the box.

"I don't see any directions for the 400 pound person on here. Sorry."

We never discussed the 100 calorie snack again.
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