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Thankful Tuesday - a day late

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm
I had this all written in my head yesterday but I didn't stop long enough to type it out until 9:30 last night. By that time I was just beat!

Monday night, as I was lacing up my shoes to go for a long walk, my husband came in and said we had a problem in the front yard. We had water gurgling up from the ground. Why couldn't it be oil? Black Gold. Texas Tea? Instead we had this, a $300 broken valve!

This was really just the culmination of 7 days of stress. I swear that's been the theme of 2009 for us. So many extraordinary stresses in our lives this year. A good portion of them have sent me hightailing it to the comfort foods. This week I made a conscious effort to try harder to learn a new behavior. While I didn't stay on plan 100% I am still thankful to report a FOUR pound loss from last week. You'll remember last week showed a 10 pound summer gain so a big loss was not unexpected, but I'm still thankful! I thought I'd try a little exercise to remind myself of all I have in my life to be thankful for instead of being down about all the things that haven't been going right lately. I'll admit that Monday night it was really tempting to throw in the towel and just say screw it! I started this list in my head and it really helped!
  • My kids, though whiney cranky butts with wise mouths that test my patience daily, are healthy and happy and smart and know they are loved!
  • My husband and I are both gainfully employed
  • I have adequate money to feed and clothe my family
  • I have an amazing support system in real life
  • I'm able to read many inspirational blogs daily to remind of all I have to be thankful for
I really could go on and on. I'm the type that has a problem and really loses focus of the big picture and really hones in on that problem. I need to learn to keep things in perspective! My teen my be a pain in my butt right now, but I'm thankful he is around open to talking even if it is often TMI! :-)

I did not get up and exercise this morning as Sheila told me to sleep for 8 hours! Actually it might have more to do with the fact that my thighs are still pretty sore and I thought they needed a little extra rest! I'll be doing my first round of Hundreds training today and if the rain stops I'll go for a long walk.

Tuesday GaG challenge update: 160 points
Water: 96 oz - 120
activity: 0 min - 0
Track food : 20
Bacon and cheese stick for breakfast
Black & Blue Sandwich and about 10 fries for lunch (tasty but NOT on plan!!)
Crispy Taco after meeting at mexicanrestaurant (again, off plan, I need to plan to eat before these meetings in the future! I had no idea I'd be there until 9:30 and I went directly from work since I got a late start on the day)
Sleep - 8 hours - 20
I love to sleep, but 8 hours is a luxury lately so I'm not sure I'll be able to hit this every day, but I'm sure going to try!
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