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Thai ? Yes, please !

Posted Aug 28 2010 5:33pm
Last night was an 'I'm too tired to cook so let's go out'. I really gotta get a hold of myself and stop this eating out. I have got to start cooking more often. I think I'm just tired of cooking in my small kitchen and ready to be moving into my house with BIG kitchen! I won't know what to do with myself in that kitchen! *Scheduled to close Aug 31st... Keep your fingers crossed!*

So anyways, we decided to try something totally new last night. My hubby's boss raves about this Thai place so we decided to give it a try. I can't even pronounce the name of the place or remember it to tell you, oh well, not a big deal. We get there and it's a sit down kind of place, not a buffet. I really can't stand Chinese buffets. The food is disgusting. I like FRESH food. We get seated and take a look at the menu. Omgosh! What the heck am I going to order? Lots of choices and you have to read every entree detail to know what you're getting.

We decided to start with an appetizer they had featured.... 2 fresh spring rolls, 2 fried spring rolls, fried tofu, calamari, and butterfly coconut shrimp. I've never tried any of these items. I've never had tofu of any kind and fried tofu sounds absolutely disgusting. I was right. Disgusting. I couldn't even make myself try it. Spongy and eeeww! My daughter tried it and she says YUCK. Hubby didn't like it either. My son wouldn't try it either.
Sorry, forgot to take a pic of the appetizer. Darn it.

The fried spring rolls .... YUMMO! Totally delish!

The fresh spring rolls... what the heck are those things rolled in? Sticky ooey gooey mess. Ewww.

The calamari... a little too mushy for me, but it was alright.

The coconut shrimp... pretty tasty!

Entrée time! 

My hubby ordered Sidewalk Noodles Thai HOT....


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