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Texas Trip and Updates

Posted Oct 20 2010 9:47am
It's been a week! A whole week and one day since last post. I have been one busy bee!

My family traveled to Texas on Thursday to visit family and so the hubs could go deer hunting. Trips are always such a challenge for me. I go back to my home town and feel the need to eat everything in sight! I gotta have a little bit of everything that they don't offer in Colorado... Allsups burritos, Braum's cheeseburger, The Plaza mexican food.... Oh man. I didn't go overboard, but it would have been really easy to do!

I offered to cook dinner at my mom's house on Friday night. I made an excellent lasagna with whole wheat lasagna, fat free ricotta cheese, low sodium shredded cheese, ground turkey.. and a salad with homemade Italian dressing. It was a fabulous dinner! My bestie drove to town to eat with me and my family also and that really made me happy! I miss my friends and family more than they know!!

Saturday we hung out around the house most the day and then it was time for dinner with the inlaws. My hubs grandpa isn't doing so well so we decided to all meet over at his house. The dinner ... pizza. Yep, I ate it and it was great!!! It was easy for everyone and it disappeared really quick! lol

Sunday we came home and were running on fumes. I tried to sleep on the drive home, but it's hard for me to sleep in the car. By the time we got home and unpacked, I was ready to kill over in bed.

Moday.. oh Monday! How I hate Mondays!!! haha We did the get ready for school stuff and downed some coffee. This week also starts Cheer camp for my daughter. She did it last year and really loved it so we signed up again this year. They practice with the high school cheerleaders for a week and then get to cheer at half time at the game this Friday night. Sounds great, right?! Humm. When I went to pick up my daughter, I walked into the gym and they were doing a "Shake Your Booty" cheer. WTH!? I really love getting my daughter involved in social things, but I'm gonna rethink Cheer camp next year. At 6 years old, she doesn't need to be yelling Shake Your Booty and then doing it. Nah. Too much too soon.

So anyways, after cheer, we headed to the gym. ZUMBA time! My first class since surgery! I hate the time that the class is offered, but since I was already in town, it made great sense to go! Ohhh I have missed that class! It is too much fun! Going again tonight after cheer and I can't wait!

One more update --- the house --- we walked away from it. Tired of the stress, lies, and bullcrap that we've been put through. We jumped through every hoop and rearranged all our finances... all for nothing. Still boiled down to lazy, ignorant people not getting it done. I prayed real hard about it, God said "Let it go. It's not meant to be. I have bigger and better things in store for you". I listened, made the call to the realtor and felt so great about that weight being lifted off my shoulders!!! Realtor wasn't real happy with me, but it's our decision. Our finances. Our life. We will find the right house when the time is right. Whatever the reason, I have faith in God and know that we will always be taken care of. Time to get the trailer ready for winter!!! We had bought some furniture and stuff for the house and it's all been sitting in some of our friends garages waiting to get moved into house... well, no house so we got a storage building and WOW! We have a ton of stuff!!! I've been going through all our junk and shipping it off to storage. Feels great to rid the clutter and free up some more space! Our little family is gonna be just fine in our cozy trailer! Home is where your heart is!


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