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Tempted by Comfort Food. Where is My Willpower and Self-Control?

Posted Oct 19 2010 2:00am

How do you up your willpower enough so you can avoid being tempted, and lose weight?

That’s the question of questions, isn’t it? Well, there are ways. Here are two that you may find work very well.

  • Let’s say you are on a diet, and you come face to face with a big, gooey, sweet, luscious, creamy, fluffy temptation. The danger at this moment is that the short-term goal of satisfying your immediate urge to have it can easily overpower your long-term goal of losing weight. Some women find that in an urge-moment such as this, a little mental work can do wonders. What you do is this: Call up in your mind what’s really important to you in your life. Interfere with this weak moment. Remind yourself about what you really want. Is it truly pecan pie with ice cream that will make your life better? Or is it losing weight, and all that it means to you? Just the act of stopping to think about what it is that has real value—what will make your life significantly better—can be all you need to send your self-control into high gear.
  • Start small. Like this: try calling upon your willpower in a limited situation at first. Instead   of hurling yourself into a diet full-force, where you are required to limit pretty much everything you eat, why not start with something very doable? You might decide, for instance, to give up having a sweet after dinner…not ALL sweets, just a sweet at this particular time. It’s no so hard, and you most likely have the willpower to do that. Once you accomplish self-control in this circumscribed way, you can move on to other small acts where you can exercise your willpower. Remember, small things add up to big things! You may just find that when you have amassed a number of these more limited self-control abilities, you are much more ready to go on that diet.



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