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Teetering on the Brink of Falling Off Your Diet? Need Help?

Posted Jan 09 2010 2:00am

by Maria's Last Diet

Maybe this story will help you.

Susan: And now to our feature human-interest story. We go into the middle of New York City where a real life drama is unfolding. A dieter is poised to jump off the diet cliff into the abyss. Let's go to our field correspondent, Dinah, who has the inside track…. Dinah? What's the latest? Tell us what's happening in this crisis.

Dinah: Yes Susan, I'm here with Jeannie who's trapped in her house, a victim of her own cravings and urges. They tell us all it takes is willpower, but here's Jeannie in the midst of this all-too-common dieter's dilemma—what happened to my willpower? Jeannie has always succumbed in the past and taken the leap. This time she's trying to resist, and that's why there's a crisis.

Susan: So, what is she doing right now?

Dinah: Well, it's sad to see, Susan. She's pacing back and forth between her kitchen and her living room, dialoguing with herself.

Susan: That must be quite a scene.

Dinah: Yes, it certainly is. Jeannie tells me that she's fighting not to add another notch to her belt. She doesn't want another diet gone wrong.

Susan: So Dinah, what happens now?

Dinah: Jeannie has agreed to stay on camera during this emergency. Let's see if I can get her in mid-pace…. So Jeannie, let's sit down. Can you tell me what brought on this present crisis?

Jeannie: I don't know, but suddenly I'm being held hostage by my kids' candy on the pantry shelf. Am I being a drama queen? I just feel torn apart. It's like this is the tipping point, one way or another. I don't know how to put out the fire. I did call my friend Sarah, but I got voicemail.

Dinah: So you needed someone to talk to.

Jeannie: But just because she didn't pick up, is that enough to push me over the edge? What am I not getting here? I really thought this time would be different. This new diet seemed like a great idea last Monday. But that's nothing new. I've been on every new diet since 1984. And I still have the twenty-five extra pounds. Or should I say, they're back.

Dinah: There's actually been no crime committed here against the diet yet, has there?

Jeannie: No, not yet.

Dinah: What would happen if you did fall off the diet?

Jeannie: I couldn't take it. It would be too hard for me. I couldn't tolerate giving up again. I'd feel like a total failure. You see? That's why I'm stuck. Why can't someone invent a diet you can stick to?

Dinah: Out of all those diets you've been on, not one was stickable?

Jeannie: Not one.

Dinah: What was wrong with them?

Jeannie: Nothing I guess. I just lose my willpower.

Dinah: Ah. That sounds like a universal problem.

Jeannie: It probably is. Where do you get the strength to hold on to willpower? I don't even know what willpower is. Is it one something, or is it everything you need to do to stick with it?

Dinah: Sounds like all those diets taught you something.

Jeannie: You have a point. I've read that most people don't kick any habit on the first try or even the second or maybe not the fifth.

Dinah: So what's the next step?

Jeannie: I wish I knew.

Dinah: What do you think someone else might say about your ability to handle this crisis without giving up? What qualities would they see in you that could help you power up your willpower?

Jeannie: I’m a pretty strong person. I can withstand a lot without cracking.

Dinah: That sounds like what's needed here.

Jeannie: And I'm also resourceful. I can find things out…. You know, I could come up with a lot of ideas right here. I think I can get creative about this willpower thing, not let it die. Probably talking to my friend Sarah wouldn't have helped anyway. I love her, but she doesn't have an eating problem, so she doesn't really understand. But I do have a friend who lost fifty pounds last year. I've been too jealous to ask her how she made it all the way through. But it would probably help me to talk to her. I feel calmer now, and more willpowered. Do you know what I mean? I just thought of something else. My next step is to write things down. Not my food this time. My thoughts.

Dinah: Sounds like the danger has past.

Jeannie: I think so.

Dinah: (to the camera) Well, we've averted a diet tragedy here. Not to say Jeannie will have a perfectly smooth ride, but things are looking up. I'm Dinah from New York City, Channel Twelve, Eyes on the Prize News…. Susan, back to you in the studio.

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