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Teenagers, especially girls, are...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:43pm

Teenagers, especially girls, are vulnerable to the messages conveyed by the media about the -ideal- body weight. During the teenage years a girl will experiment on what looks good on her using fashion magazines and other celebrities as a guide to achieving the perfect body.

Dieting for Teens

What people need to know is that what works for adults may not be an appropriate weight loss regimen for teen girls. While the majority of diet plans consist of extreme food planning from high carb to low carb, no meat to high protein etc etc.

These sort of diets are not necessarily good for teens as they require a greater amount of energy to get through the day. Adolescents are generally more active than adults and thus require a higher energy meal plan to get through the day with school and after school activities.

Just right

The recommended weight loss diet plan in teen girls is not a meal that contains bare minimum amounts of essential nutrients. Rather, the right diet plan is one that has just the right amount of food. Eating healthy and in reasonable portions is highly-advised for teenagers who are aiming for weight loss, this should then be paired with regular exercise. Gaining weight, after all, comes from overeating.

Dieting makes you eat more

According to research, teenagers who follow a restricted diet plan are more prone to gaining weight than those who are not on a diet. Going through a strict weight loss plan for teen girls makes them feel more frustrated about the food that they cannot eat. Adolescents who are not compelled to count their calorie-intake are much more capable of losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. Parents should teach their children about the value of eating just the right amount of food for their age.

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