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Teachers that complain about their schedule, ever, and for any reason (Suck It Up Sunday)

Posted Aug 22 2011 6:41pm

It's time for another Suck It Up Sunday where we talk about minor annoyances as if they are gigantic deals!  As summer break for the teachers and kids is coming near an end, you start to see the people that are looking for sympathy from the rest of us that work 12 months a year that their 2+ month break is over before they have to start their grinding schedule of getting off every and any holiday that exists.  Add into that weeks off for no apparent reason other than that no one should have to work for 2 months straight without a week off!

I'm not saying teaching is easy, I know I couldn't teach a bunch of screaming kids that want nothing more than lunch and to poop and pee in their pants and then tell others to clean it up.  I respect teachers and know that a good teacher is worth their weight in gold.  If they want to complain about being under-appreciated by their supervisors or administrators as a whole, I think that is fine and probably valid in most cases.  Also, for the value a good teacher provides and the money they make, it's a shame.  However, a bad teacher should be paid just about nothing, and due to unions, there is no way to really reward merit anymore.  I'm sure every single person without a moments hesitation can tell you who the best school room teacher they ever had was.  Coincidentally, most people that went to that same school would probably choose the same person.  Now think of your least favorite teacher...depending upon how long you've been out of school, probably a bit more the worst teachers are those that leave absolutely no impression in their students, and most likely no additional knowledge.

Kurtis Lort:

"Get off of your high horse stupid."

Lets get back to the main point.  The one thing that I can't stand them complaining about is their schedule.  Yes, we weep for you that after 2+ months of doing nothing, you have to go and work for the next few weeks, most of which are a full 5 days!  Be thankful for the time you get off and don't whine about the 180 days a year you have to work.

If you see a teacher complaining, simply point them to this article as a more polite way of just saying they shouldn't be so ungrateful for the world's best schedule!  You can pretend you had no idea what this article was about and the title was misleading.


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