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Teacher said I'm "gifted"

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
(Edits re night time snack below)

Yoga tonight ended up being pretty fun! There was only four of us in the class, so we got alot of personal attention and we got to do our "favourite" things (for me is the legs up the wall pose and the half shoulder stand ) and we learned alot.

This is so ironic because apparently the fact that when I am doing the Bound Angle/ Butterfly pose (with the bottoms of my feet touching together), my knees can easily touch the floor (just naturally) and she says that I'm really lucky that my "hips are so open" and it allows me to do that and I'm "gifted." Interesting. Kind of ironic since I've had such a serious trauma to my hip and all along it's been holding me back in so many other areas (i.e. running), but according to my yoga teacher, I may actually have an advantage. My hip injury itself has nothing to do with this "openness" in the hips because it's the same on both sides, but it made me feel really good to feel like I had a leg up (pardon the pun) on something "athletic" when all along it's been this major thing standing in my way. It's all in how you look at it.

At the end of the class, instead of doing " shivasana" she put us in this relaxed "restorative yoga" pose (since there was only 4 of us) where we've all got about 8 props (2 bolsters, blocks, towels, neck pillows and a blanket) and she placed us in this super relaxing and comfortable position where we just vegged out and listened to her explain about the 5 bodies of yoga. It was pretty cool because had there been a full class, we would never have been able to do that. I'm kind of sad now that there's only 2 yoga classes left. I don't think that another one starts up again for a few months. But in the meantime Lesley and I are going to look for some other kind of class to take. We are presently leaning toward a fun dance one at Halifax Dance where I will completely be a fish out of water, but it will be a fun way to get some exercise :-) [Okay after looking at that web site, that place seems a little more "serious" than I was looking for - will keep my eyes peeled!]

I changed it up for Breakfast this morning, and had a toasted WW english muffin, tablespoon of almond butter and a fried egg on top (don't knock it 'til you try it - PB + egg is actually good. In fact PB + anything is good now that I think about it!) and of course my morning coffee in my Santa mug for a total of 7.5 POINTS:

Again, I wasn't hungry for a morning snack, so I didn't have one (this is very strange for me and has become a pattern - maybe I should have listened to my body a bit more before!). Lunch time came and I had an absolutely delicious and bright and beautiful salad of fresh Boston lettuce, red onion, a sliced kiwi, pom seeds, chopped pecans and a cut up square of kiri goat cheese spread. I didn't even need any dressing because the kiwi, pom seeds and goat cheese gave it such flavour = YUM! I had a side of rolled up shaved lean ham and turkey for a total of 3.5 POINTS (wow I know!):

And this afternoon I had a delicious Snack of the last of my Liberte No Fat Probiotic Strawberry Svelte yogurt, mixed with the last of my light cool whip and mixed with the last of my fresh raspberries for 2 POINTS:

I had quite a few POINTS left for Supper plus I was earning 3 POINTS for yoga, so I made a yummy delicious pasta. Man I luuuuuurve pasta :-) Tonight's combination was a "Mac & Cheese" with Broccoli & Zucchini which I kind of just threw together and ended up the most perfect "comfort food" supper that I was craving. I've got two servings left for a lunch tomorrow and maybe the next day too:

It ended up being only 8 POINTS! My total POINTS today so far put me right on target at 22 POINTS and I earned 3 Activity POINTS tonight so right now I'm off to figure out how I want to spend my 3 AP's. I'll update yas later on what that ends up being!

Edit: Not true, I had an apple on there that I didn't end up eating, so it put me under my target by 1 POINT.

I ended up munching on a small bit of sweet & savory trail mix which adds up quickly to about 3 POINTS:

AND I've had thisClif Barhanging around for about as long as the Luna (from the other day), and was dying to try it, so I opened it up, had a bite of it and put it in the fridge. It's not a very big bar and it is 5 friggin POINTS in total, so I estimated I my bite was about 1 POINT:

Oh and it was "okay" but unless I had just had an awesome work out, I doubt I would want to spend 5 whole POINTS on the amount of clif bar that you get. It is pretty calorie dense. Healthy - sure, but calorie dense. So that brings my daily total to 25 POINTS using up all of my 3 AP's.

Oh yeah, I'm ON my game bloggies ON it! :-)

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