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Tax on Unhealthy Food?

Posted by Dmitriy P.

I just found this Video on MSNBC, its about how British researchers are thinking of putting higher taxes on unhealthy foods that are: high in fat, sugar or salt (they hope that this will prevent people from buying unhealthy foods and potentially save thousands of lives each year).

I think this may actually be a pretty good solution (or at least a step in the right direction) for solving people's awful diets.

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It's interesting that we have now turned to increasing taxes to prevent individuals from purchasing junk food. What about health education? It sounds like a great idea off the bat, but I'm not so sure it will work. For example, cigarettes are sold at a high price (including a high tax) and people are still purchasing them.. AND they cause cancer! Yet people are not fearful of these little stinky buggers. And what about the people that hardly can afford food?
Larisa is right-tax hikes on cigarettes are not turning all smokers away from them, and while food might not be "addictive," it can have the same comforting effects as a candy bar for some people who will turn to it when stressed, tired or bored. So I'm not sure if a tax hike will stop people from buying junk food. Another good point she had is that for some people, it's hard too put food on the table. And, let's face it, health food is expensive. So here's my idea-lower the price of organic and other healthy foods. Then there just may be an increase in people willing to try them.
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