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Taste Testing: Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal

Posted Sep 03 2009 11:26am

When it comes to ballers on the healthy food front, Kashi is definitely a P.I.M.P. They are well-known and the products are widely available. They are popular because they are made with whole grains, organic ingredients, and…they are pretty damn tasty. Earlier this summer, after experiencing the delight that is their pilaf, I ended up becoming a member of their Web site community to get coupons and other goodies on occasion. This weekend I got a mini box of their newest cereal, Honey Sunshine!

First and foremost, they had me at “honey sunshine.” As a morning person, I’m a sucker for anything that invites me to “wake up to tasty goodness.” But, all good marketing aside, I had to give it a try and see how it actually tasted.

I am not a big cereal with milk person (one: milk gives me a stomachache; two: it’s too easy to go for a bedtime snack and eat an entire box), so I decided to try this with yogurt for a snack. A 3/4-cup serving has 100 calories. OK fine, whatever. So does Kix. But then I saw that it also has six grams of fiber and three grams of protein. OK, Kashi, you’ve got my attention….

So, into my bowl went the lil-bits-o-sunshine, which, on their own are pretty much delicious. They are lightly sweetened, toasty…very Cap’n Crunchish. Think Cap’n Crunch if Mrs. Crunch made him go on a diet after his doctor said his blood pressure was getting a little high. Then I added a half cup of plain yogurt and some bluebs to make it into a good snack.

And…it was really good! Satisfying, carby, creamy–but not overly sweet, which is a big thing for me. And six grams of fiber in a hundred calories is pretty solid–plus that serving size felt like a lot. As a topping, you could probably downside to a quarter cup and not feel deprived.

If you’re a cereal girl, I definitely recommend giving this a try with milk! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. But don’t limit yourself to cereal; it would also be really good in homemade trail mix with some almonds, pretzel Goldfish, and raisins. I will definitely use the coupon to get a big box to go with yogurt (or frozen yogurt, as the case may be). Nice work, Kashi.

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