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Taking Breakfast to The Next Level

Posted Nov 15 2012 10:00am

When it comes to breakfast, the first step is actually eating it.

The second step is to make sure you’re getting an appropriate balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

Once you achieved this I’m sure you would have noticed some major changes in your energy level, hunger throughout the day, and of course how much weight you keep on your body.

The items above is what I consider taking breakfast to the next level:

The first item is juicing. Not easy adjustment in the beginning, The taste of fresh juice is often foreign to our taste buds, but with practise it becomes quite refreshing. My biggest tips to juicing are as follows
Fill medium size strainer with vegetables. This should make about 250-400ml of juice which is appropriate for one person. The strainer allows for easy washing and rinsing.

Choose greens first. Limit fruit if at all because of the sugar, and add 1 to half lemon in to balance the taste and increase the alkalinity.

Drink the juice within the hour as exposure to air can remove the nutrients. Only store it for a few hours post if you’re using an air locked container.

Have juice with food, as vitamins will be more likely absorbed, especially the fat soluble ones.

Juice daily when your home, or don’t do it all. Occasional use leads to inconvenience, and lack of proper cleaning. Make it a habit and feel the results within a week.

Why is juicing so beneficial?

Given it lacks the fibre we absorb the nutrients into our bodies within 15 minutes. We need fibre, but we can receive enough by eating additional vegetables, and foods thought the day. Juicing is one of the best ways to detoxify the body, as well as increase your vegetable intake.

Item number 2 is a chia seed base cereal. In this case Ruth’s Chia Goodness. These cereals don’t contain and wheat, soy or gluten, are low in sugar, have good levels of proteins, carbs, and fibre as well as great source for beneficial fats. The key advantage over all is the chia seeds. Once liquid is added it turns gelatinous or jelly like. When this hits the small intestine it acts like a snowplow carrying toxins out of the body. These cereals are a way to start the day, and goes well with the juice.

The last item is the Spring Dragon Gynostemma tea. This was a huge dietary advantage of  the mountainous Chinese who were living past 100 years, compared to the rural neighbours on the same diet. Some of it’s benefits include levelling out energy levels. Unlike coffee which always raises them, this tea raises them enough or calms the system if you’re high stress. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflamtory properties, as well as acting as a powerful digestive aid.

A potent breakfast indeed. If you are weight lifting that day, or you have the day before I’d recommend adding some protein powder or extra nuts and hemp seeds to the chia cereal.



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