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Takin' it easy!!

Posted Jan 16 2010 3:31pm

C'est moi!  Ok guys can I tell you what a LOVELY day I've had.  I had the greatest sleep-in known to man...a yummy brekkie and then woke myself up with the Beginner Bootycamp DVD.  Verdict....HARD!! I actually popped it in last night and did 20 minutes but then I just got sick of it and quit....see THIS is why I exercise in public.  Regardless I burned 100 calories last night. 

 SooooI have a confession....this morning I ALSO only lasted 20 minutes....hahahah!! I have realized that I REALLY am not a fan of work-out videos.  It's just too easy to quit.  Seriously this video is HARD...this may be partly due to the fact that I DESPISE push-ups and this video has a crapload of them.  It's weird...I can find the moivation at the gym or in a class but at home if I hate something I avoid it like the plague.  I jumped on the treadmill after my bootycamp for 30 minutes.  YAY!
On the eating front I've had a GRREEEEEAT week.  I actually purposely used 10 flex yesterday.  I am trying a bit of a different approach this week.  Less exercise and more food...but still within weight watcher points.  I know it sounds weirdbut after talking to my bloggie pals and looking at my own progress I wonder if I do TOO much. They have lost a TON of weight and haven't killed themselves with exercise 6 times a week.   It just gets really overwhelming when my schedule is jam-packed with work-outsfood prepblogging etc.  So....I'm taking it easier and we'll just see.  Although I hardly think staying within WW points and having 3 intense bootycamp workouts is taking it all THAT easy. Fingers crossed!  

Here was my lunch for today...can you say addicted?

I'm sorry but seriously this is the GREATEST salad ever! It may be partly due to the delish light honey -mustard dressing that it comes with...gotta find a bottle of that baby!

For dinner I had....YES...another salad.  lol.  I tried to eat fairly well as tonight I'm going to see Avatar and I don't want to go crazy with the food.  As per usual I'll be bringing a snack pack for the movies. 

Tomorrow the plan is food prep for the week....oatmealroasted brussel sproutsfish....I also bought some ground chicken to make my first batch of chili ever.  I loved that Wendys chili and I'm going to make my own version!  See how I obsess with certain foods for a few weeks?  Better than a few years ago when I obsessed with junk food and chocolate for a loooong time. Glad thats under control.
Have a great day!!
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