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Symbolic Sbux Coffee Beans?? Yup all the holiday sugar has gone to my head!

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
Today was a "so so" day although not too bad in comparison to most of last week :-D I woke up this morning and brewed the last of the holiday blend coffee beans I had from Starbucks. Maybe that was symbolic in a way to put an end of the holiday mindset!:-D I sipped on this lovely cup of coffee with some blend and sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup for 1 POINT while I obsessed with my new BlackBerry! lol

We had plans to meet up with my buddy Brooke and her new boyfriend who were visiting from the U.S. and I wasn't feeling all that hungry, so I decided to "skip" Breakfast (*gasp*) and have another cup of the incredibly satisfying coffee with some more blend cream and sugar free syrup, but with a glass of water too for another POINT:

I'm not a "skip breakfast" kind of gal at all, as you guys know, but before I knew it, I had crackberried the morning away and it was time get ready to meet them for Lunch!

We went to The Old Triangle so that we could try to introduce Brian to something "Maritime-esque" even though it's Irish, but not all together that different! Hubs and I were a tad bit late and they had a nice yummy plate of crab dip and melba toasts on the table when we arrived, and I indulged in 3 toasts and about a tbsp of crab dip for about 3 POINTS:
I ordered the "SBLT" with a side spinach salad which is a "Salmon" BLT with dill mayo on whole wheat toast. It was sooooo goood! I didn't use any of the extra salad dressing they provided on the plate and I estimated this to be about 13 POINTS:

Brooke ordered the Curried Chicken & Chips. Hello Irish food! :-D

Oh and here's a shot of Brookie and I :-):

We had a few stops to make around town and by the time we got home it was Supper time. I decided to have a nice hot bowl of my homemade turkey soup and some organic crackers. Damn that soup is good! Because it's the old "two day" pot of turkey soup, it's pretty much impossible to calculate the POINTS and I would say the broth is on the higher end on the fat front, so I counted the soup to be 6 POINTS and the crackers were 1:

Then I had a hankering for that stupid "something sweet" and I dug into what was left of the Quality Street chococlates and had 4 (2 after I originally planned to only have 2!) for 4 POINTS:

And for no good reason at all, I munched on some toppable crackers with a smidge of cheese ball that was in the fridge for about 2 POINTS:

So my day added up to 29 POINTS in total whic used 6 of my flex.

Tomorrow morning I have plans to meet up with Lynn for a coffee and a walk! Hallefrigginluja for some exercise!

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