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Sydney Personal Trainer Horror Stories

Posted May 28 2009 12:17am
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This morning I had just finished training one of my morning groups in the city and we were running through our cool down.

What I saw nearly made me choke in horror.

This came straight from the bad workout exercises 101 text book. Unfortunately, it was a personal trainer putting a poor soul through their paces.

Now unless the guy is an olympic gymnast which I highly doubt, the exercise that I am about to describe to you is absolutely pointless.

It may make you look cool when you perform it (well they may think it does) but for something that is supposed to represent “functional training” it is a laugh.

So what was it?


An overhead Squat with what would have been a 5kg medicine ball - wait for it - on a BOSU ball!

For crying out loud.

But that wasn’t it.

The poor guys knees were going so far over his toes that I could feel his knee scream in protest.

Then there was more fun.

Arm Curls on the BOSU with a barbell.

What on earth are you trying to prove?

That you can find 2 new ways to ruin a client forever? The only progress that guy is going to be making is at the physio after all the damage has been done.

There are no winners - well maybe except a physio but the guy doesn’t win and the poor trainer certainly isn’t winning because they are doing what they thought was a good exercise.

Is it negligence or just having having no idea?

A bit of both really.

Just because the BOSU was popular a few years ago doesn’t mean that it is the right way to train someone.

Especially for when you’re training with weight loss workouts in mind

It is completely useless.

Especially when you are overhead squatting a 5kg medicine ball.

What should he be doing instead?

How about real squats with a kettlebell or a decent size dumbbells?

Is that too much to ask?

For people looking for a real Sydney Personal Trainer check out DPM Performance - the group training solution for busy people in the Sydney CBD. I promise you we won’t be doing any Overhead Squats or Arm Curls on a BOSU ball!

What are some of the bad workout exercises that you’ve seen? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Rant over.

Is Your Personal Trainer Really Worth What You Are Paying Them?

Is Your Personal Trainer Really Worth What You Are Paying Them?


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