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Sydney Fat Loss Expert Shares Top 3 Secrets to Keep Off Weight this Festive Season

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:18pm
Daniel Munday, one of Sydney’s premier fat loss experts and creator of the Aussie Fatblast Online Success System, today revealed the top three secrets to ensure that you can get through the festive season without piling on unwanted pounds.

Munday says “You have two options at this time of year. You can be like most people and write off December and be behind the eight ball come January 1 just like every other year. Or you can choose the smart option and implement these three little secrets that are guaranteed to increase your chance of staying in shape through this festive season without having to deal with the weight gain of previous years”.

1) Eat before you go out to a party

The chances are the food options at your function or party will not be the perfect nutrition choice to aid your fat loss mission so you will need to plan ahead.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure you eat something healthy just before you go out. The perfect snack will be something that has protein as an ingredient. Your best bet will be raw, unsalted nuts, a can of tuna or salmon or even some yoghurt.

Eating this just before you leave will fill you up and you will be less likely to rely on the plates of nibbles that offer no nutritional value.

If you forget to eat before you go out, make sure you stick with the vegetable snack plate. Carrot and celery sticks with hummus are a great option to curb any cravings and the bowl of nuts is always going to be better than the chips. Just be careful that the salt on these nuts doesn’t make you overeat.

2) Get in a pre party workout

What better way to get ready for a big night out by putting in a big workout first? Putting the money in the exercise body bank will not only make you feel good about yourself but will leave you feeling more alert and in a great mood after your body releases all of the post exercise feel good endorphin hormones throughout your body. You will feel like you have earned your drink after this workout, just don’t go overboard!

3) Limit your drinking days

Drinking every night during this festive season is just a certain route to failure. The best way to get through the next couple of weeks is to plan ahead when you are going to have a drink. “Let’s be realistic here, it would be silly of me to say just don’t drink because that is not going to happen. It is time to celebrate; we just need to do it sensibly” Munday stated.

He continues with the biggest tip of the day “my big tip here is to make sure you have at least three to four alcohol free days a week. Unfortunately, alcohol is just empty calories that increase your belly fat. On your alcohol free days just stick to water and not the soft drinks. Soft drinks are nearly as bad for your figure as alcohol so that is not a better option”.

In a final call to action, Munday closed by challenging people to implement these tips right away “If you do, you are guaranteed to be in far better shape than everyone else who says I’ll start my fat loss mission next year. Why wait to do tomorrow what you can do today?”

Daniel Munday is a Fat Loss Expert based in the Sydney, Australia and the creator of the Aussie Fatblast Success System - the fat loss answer for the busy professional who feels they don't have the time to exercise.

He gives busy professionals the fat loss results that they deserve in less time through shorter, more effective fat loss workouts. You can contact Daniel or find out more information at or by emailing Daniel here

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