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Sydney Boot Camp Clients Get Awesome Fat Loss Results

Posted Feb 09 2010 5:30pm

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Lately I have been getting awesome feedback from my clients about their fat loss results to date in 2010 as a result of attending my Sydney Boot Camp sessions.

I’m like a proud parent with my team of superstars because I am so wrapped to see that they are 1) following my healthy eating plan that I recommend and 2) they are putting in big time and deserve the results.

So todayI’m going to give credit where credit is due and feature a few of my superstars.

Superstar 1: Jane

Jane is a new client as of January and attends my Tuesday and Morning 30 minute Fatblast sessions. Yesterday I was so wrapped to hear that she has lost 5kg since we started training.

What a fantastic way to start the day then to hear someone taking action and achieving the body that they deserve.

Superstar 2: Megan

Megan has been training with me for a while but is now on a serious no booze challenge for February. Tough ask for anyone I think as a drink is always an easy option after a hard day at work or on a hot day. End result – after one week Megan is down 3cm off her hips and 1kg on the scales – nice work!

Busy Sydneysiders Getting Great Results In Short Time

Busy Sydneysiders Getting Great Results In Short Time

Superstar 3: Abby

Abby is getting married in May and wants to look amazing in her dress (which I have no doubts in her pulling off!) and while I have her re-measure booked in for Friday morning she has already told me that in the last month of doing 3 x 30 minute sessions a week with me she is already noticing her belly fat reducing (and that was after 2 weeks).

Superstar 4: Steve

I saw Steve for the first time yesterday in about 3 months. I’ve been on leave and then so has he so our paths haven’t crossed but I was so pleased to see his results yesterday of him keeping up the training in his own time.

I almost didn’t recognise him. He mentioned that none of his clothes are fitting anymore – and they’re clothes that he purchased late last year after already making some great progress.

Steve even mentioned that he can see his abs now! Fantastic!

That is just a sprinkling of the great results that people have been experiencing so far this year.

There are a number more that don’t come to mind off the top of my head so if I’ve inadvertently left you off the list my appologies. Simply let me know below in the comments section so we can recognise your successess too!

DPM Performance Clients Achieve 100% Satisfaction

DPM Performance Clients Achieve 100% Satisfaction

All of these clients are getting their results based on my Aussie Fatblast principles to maximise and burn belly fat as fast as possible.

If this sounds like something that you’d like to experience for yourself you have 2 options.

1) Sydney based people: Come and check out my Sydney Boot Camp sessions that I run through my business DPM Performance

2) People outside Sydney:
You can either follow my gym workout routine – The Aussie Fatblast Success System or if you’d prefer to train at home you’ve got the Bodyweight Blitz Step By Step Home Exercise Routine to get you to where you want to be.

Test Drive The Bodyweight Blitz Home Exercise Solution Today

Test Drive The Bodyweight Blitz Home Exercise Solution Today

No excuses – just make it happen!

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