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Switch Meals for Better Health?

Posted by Lela D.

I recently read something that is apparently an old adage. It goes like this: -Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper. The idea is to eat a big meal at breakfast and then decrease your food intake as the day wears on. I suppose that's all fine and good if you're a fan of big bowls of granola or **don't say it** bacon and eggs, but I like my dinner. I like warm, salty food that fills me up in the evening. I have read about people who completely switch their meals around so they're eating salmon with brown rice and vegetables in the morning and a light meal of cereal with fruit in the evening. What's up with that? I'm not sure it's even possible to retrain my brain. I really look forward to the dinner meal. And what would that do for the dating folks? I suppose you could do a salad for supper, but I'm not sure I buy it. Has anyone tried this? Please let us all know your results on this unconventional method of eating.
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If you look at traditional farming communities it's often the way.

I once stayed with swiss friends on their farm. Get up at a rediculous hour rush around like mad things to release the animals from their safe secure (away from foxes and wolves)nightime accommodation, feed everyone, milk the cows collect the eggs

 30 mins - 1hour later they sit down to a very civilised, nutritious and delcious substantial breakfast providing fuel and energy for the days hard work ahead.

 After a few more hours hard graft and as the midday sun starts to get a little dangerous it's back for lunch and some family time.

 Dinner is a much lighter affair - tea, fruits of the days baking mainly but why would you want energy at this time of night - the days work is done - soon you'll be wanting to sleep

 No wonder we are increasingly tired, fat, and infertile

 We  starve our body of nutrients for breakfast, perhaps an artificial emergency hormonal boost provoked by coffee, we rarely reward it  properly at lunch finally when our body has almost given up any hope of some fuel to do it's job properly we stuff it full of sugar and carbs requiring the body to jump through hoops to release insulin and quickly process all that now useless sugar and store it as fat, worse than that we also chuck in spoonfulls of saturated animal fat to make the job even harder - like having to work overtime, rushing through a days work condensed into a few hours whilst sitting in a huge vat of custard.

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