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Swiss Chalet Garden "fresh" Quarter Chicken dinner :-(

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:18pm
I had planned on a Product Review by now of the Tai Coconut chicken breast and the Hamburger First bun. We ended up getting home later than usual yesterday and it left with a smaller window to make supper before having to run off to massage, so we ended up picking up Swiss Chalet on the way home instead. I plan to have that supper tonight instead.

I was quite pleased with myself for ordering the Garden "fresh" quarter chicken dinner with steamed veggies and side toss salad. I had this a few Friday's ago and it was a good, satisfying 7 points. Notice I have "fresh" in quotes. The chicken was great, but wow I sure am disappointed with the salad. Nothing about that salad was fresh. The lettuce was browning and there was actually a peice of celery in it was was blackened and unrecognizable! Let's face it, no one is that excited about a plain toss salad as a side (at least I'm not), but I did the responsible thing and ordered it to fit within my points left for the day. I was so turned off by it, I doubt I will have a plain toss salad again any time soon. And they didn't give me the roll that comes with it either! Yeah it's amazing how disappointed you can get over a roll! Jeeesh! Good thing DBF ordered an appetizer of parogies to fill the gap!

I should have called an complained, but honestly, I was home already, feeling pretty sore and crappy with my continuous soft tissue injuries and did not feel like being one of those people at the time. I don't think I had ever had that experience before at Swiss Chalet, so I let it go. If it ever happened again, you can rest assured I will have something to say for serving customers that kind of food. Yuck!
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