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Swimmer Geoff Huegill’s Healthy Eating Plan Revealed

Posted Mar 15 2010 8:10pm

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Normally it can be depressing reading the paper as it’s often bad news that’s splashed all over the pages, or in recent weeks the breakup of Pup and Bingle that gets news.

So when I read a feel good story on how an athlete achieves their own personal weight loss success than I think it’s definitely worthy of sharing with you.

Check out the before and after photo of swimming comeback kid Geoff Huegill that was featured in Saturdays Daily Telegraph.

It’s a pity that the before photo doesn’t show you the full length version because I have seen it before and it wasn’t pretty but I guess you can tell that from the head shot and his triple chins.

That was only 15 months ago. Now look at him. You could wash your clothes on those abs.

How did Geoff change his habits and begin his healthy eating plan?

Simply check out the before and after photos of the shopping trolleys.

Fat loss isn’t rocket science and Geoff Heugills plan for weight loss success simply involves, and I quote from the article,

“He ditched the take-aways and processed foods, focusing his diet on fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats. He still indulges in the occasional beer and pizza, but very much in moderation”

Heard that line anywhere before?

The other thing which may sound familiar, especially to my Sydney Boot Camp clients is that he kept a food diary. Sure, it’s a pain in the butt to do but it’s worth it!

Now if it’s good enough for an Olympic champion on the comeback trial why should it be any different for you?

Sure, Geoff can train for hours a day but you don’t need to do that.

And if it takes you longer than 15 months so be it. I can guarantee you that you’re going to feel, and look, a million dollars at the end.

And just ask Geoff Heugill how good that feels!

I know I’ll be pulling for you to make the Commonwealth Games squad champ – what a comeback story that will be.

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