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Susan Boyle Weight Loss Workout: How To Get Stress Relief & Lose Inches At The Same Time

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:30pm
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Susan Boyle is definitely the flavour of the month after rising to prominence on the Britain’s Got Talent TV Show.

And after missing out on first place it seems like things have gotten a bit too much for her and she’s checked into a clinic to deal with the exhaustion after allegedly having a breakdown.

What can cause such a thing?

I’m stating the obvious that Susan Boyle isn’t exactly in the best shape that she could be in. Don’t get offended by this statement but I am sure you would all agree.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Workout

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Workout

Being out of condition is going to lead to a greater chance of something like this happening especially when she has gone from an unemployed woman that most people in her town probably wouldn’t know to an international celebrity in only a matter of weeks.

Most people would struggle with that sort of rise to fame.

If I could chat to Susan Boyle right now I’d recommend a simple bodyweight workout and a healthy eating plan that would get her back on the road to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The weight loss workouts are just the start of things.

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing a workout. Especially if you aren’t used to training. There’s just something satisfying about finishing a workout that you can’t beat.

As far as the healthy eating plan goes, I’d recommend Susan focusing on clean foods for the next month.

She should start by eliminating one negative thing from her diet for a week - such as not having breakfast for arguments sake - and replacing with a healthy serve of eggs and some crispy vegetables thrown in.

I’d also get her to add one positive habit into her life each week. Starting this week with drinking more water.

Everybody needs to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to maximise their weight loss success and ensure that their weight loss workouts are productive.

If you could repeat that process for a month, in 4 weeks you have totally changed your diet by implementing 4 new positive habits while taking out 4 negative habits.

Now a healthy eating plan doesn’t seem to extreme does it?

As for her weight loss workouts, this simple bodyweight workout will do the trick.

Body Weight Dynamic Warm Up (to be done before all strength sessions)

1) T Squats x 10
2) Push Ups x 10 – doing these on your knees is cool
4) Side Plank Left x 10 secs
5) Side Plank Right x 10 secs
6) Waiters Bow x 10
Repeat x 3


1a) Push Ups x 10
1b) Waiters Bows x 10
Repeat x 3

2a) Squats x 10
2b) Star Jumps x 20
Repeat x 3

3a) Stick Ups x 10
3b) Hover x 20 secs
Repeat x 3

4a) Modified Up Downs x 10
4b) Trunk Extensions x 10
Repeat x 3

This workout contains absolutely no equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime and should only take you between 20-30 minutes to complete.

Remember, you have to take action to make things happen and improve your circumstances.

Take Susan Boyle’s lead. If she had’ve just stayed at home instead of taking action the world would never have discovered her amazing voice.

Now she has to take this courage to take action and channel it towards a successful healthy eating plan and bodyweight workout routine.

C’mon Susan, you can do it!


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