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Surgery scars and procedures

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
I posted this image because this is the first one I've found on the web that accurately shows how I got my scars during surgery! The various cameras and things inserted are in exactly the same position as my scars. The only that's a little different is the access port which here, is shown further to the right than mine. Mine sits in between the two holes on the bottom right. .....I think, or is the port entry the one that is second on the right (it's hard to tell from this image).

If you click on the link above, this will take you to a You Tube video of the surgery actually taking place. It's fascinating, in a gory sort of way. Not to be recommended if you're thinking about having the surgery - wait till afterwards!! I must confess, the way it is explained to you it all sounds very straightforward and easy. But the video suggests there's a lot more disturbance too your internal tissues than you might expect.......
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