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Super Potato Fun Times!

Posted Jan 07 2010 12:00am
There were TWO potatoes left. With the power of supercook, I came across a recipe for some super potato pancakes.

I had a hell of time shredding the potatoes. It was totally like a lightbulb moment when I realized OMG this is how hash browns are made! I made such a mess all over the place with potato pieces flying EVERYWHERE! Shredding burns some serious calories, yo!

I then combined all the ingredients together in the bowl and pan-fried the batter into a glorious pancake-like form. The scallions really made these pancakes smell wonderful! The final step was putting them in the oven for about ten minutes to cook the insides. Add some light sour cream to really make this a heart-healthy and most TASTY meal.

Besides potatoes, I haven't been eating very many veggies (which is pretty much a sin on my diet), so I decided to make a vegetable medley stir-fry tonight. This was my first time cooking with garlic powder, and I must say, it really makes vegetables taste that much yummier. Try it sometime!

I weighed myself at the gym today, and I'm down yet another pound, bringing my loss to 3.5 pounds for the week. This is a lot more weight than I should be losing in a week, but considering I didn't lose any poundage between Christmas and New Years, I am, like, totally fine with pwning the scale this week. Seems that cooking my own healthy meals has really given me the "weight loss edge" :).
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