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Super FoodsWhat the hell does that even mean? Super foods is not...

Posted Aug 27 2012 10:00am

Super Foods

What the hell does that even mean? Super foods is not actually a class of foods, it’s a marketing term for particular foods which have high nutrient quality.

They are definitely not necessary for normal health, but are a great addition to your diet if low in vitamins, minerals, and even omega 3’s.

Lets take for example Blue Green Algae. In particular a strain from Klamath Lake Oregon has been found to be one of the world’s most nutrient dense foods. Among it’s many benefits it has high amounts of bioavailable B12, meaning your body absorbs it quite well. In times of physical and emotional stress we tend to lose a lot of our B vitamins. Getting on a supplement will help, however a lot of the times when you pick up a supplement off the store shelves the vitamins are synthetically made. When this happens the chances your body will absorb everything that’s in the pill is unlikely. Don’t get me wrong I recommend taking good supplements from time to time, however plant sources will always be your best bet due to your bodies ability to absorb them.

So in the case where you think your b vitamins are low, or your notice a change in your energy levels, why not give it a try. Price comparison is fairly similar. A small bottle of algae is about $40. A good B supplement should cost you at least $30. The small bottle of Algae will likely last you longer however.

You can get the same amount of B vitamins from Vegetables. However the algae comes in a power which you mix with water. Once its ready and you drink it, it’s quickly absorb into the body, where you will receive higher amounts of the vitamins. Sometimes due to the fibre in vegetables absorption is slowed.

Trust it actually taste quite plain, not gross at all.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about Cocoa Beans aka Chocolate 

Happy Monday!


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