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'Sup Friday? TGIF much?

Posted Nov 15 2013 12:00pm

In light of the overwhelming response to my use of the term "ish" and how thug life I've become (my friend Xenia made me an honorary Chola, after all), I decided to try a new spin on the "What's Up, Friday?" headline there.

Also, just as an "FYI" for you, I've been playing around with my menu items a bit. Perhaps you've noticed the new " Recurring Features " section, summing up columns like this, which I enjoy most. More fun little changes to come! 


image from

1. The POCKY truck visited my office yesterday. I instagrammed, tweeted and Facebooked a pic (yep! just used all of those social media verbs - you're welcome) and could not believe how many of you had never heard of Pocky! Which means you simply must order some for it is delicious. The Strawberry  is actually my favorite.  

2. Apparently it is "Dinovember" and I could not be happier because this  is positively adorable. Every year, this man and his wife dedicate the month of November to convincing their children that their plastic dinosaur figures come to life while they sleep. Because in the age of iPads and Netflix, they don’t want their kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination. You can follow at the first link and like them on Facebook . I love it so much.


3. Apparently Charmin caught some flack for this tweet and took it down but dammit, I love a good pun and thought this was hysterical:


See what they did there? ;)

4. You know what one of my new favorite blogs is? Barkpost. Wanna know why? Because they post things like THIS: 17 Deliciously Cute Pups in a Blanket .

You're welcome, internets. 


5. TOM. HIDDLESTON. Because DISCO. And frankly, I could blog about nothing but him these days and that would make me completely happy. It would probably leave all of you pretty bored after a bit, but dammit, he's so adorable I can hardly take it. 

I think part of the appeal is his sense of humor, the fact that he's enjoying his fame and not taking it too seriously... and his sexy, sexy moves.

* * *

I must also let you know that next week this blog is kicking ass and taking names. The holiday season is coming - I guess it's already HERE, in fact - and I gotta show you guys some really cool stuff. Including a Sex Positions Coloring Book . You've been warned.

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