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Sunday Sunday Sunday

Posted Apr 19 2009 12:00am
OK... for all of you rooting for me... I AM alive... but today I was NOT in the mood for anything! I slept until after 9.. stayed in bed until after 12... and cried all morning. Not sure why- I feel fine now... I think the whole thing just kind of caught up to me. I wanted to just lay around and be blah today- so that is what I did! LOL Plus my stomach is upset a little- some nausea that I am trying to keep at bay.

Poor S... I finally came out into the living room and he was watching a movie- he was getting ready to go out and get food- and told me to get my butt up and walk with him- and i just burst into tears! LOL He is a man so of course he was staring blankly at me trying to figure out what the heck just happened. I was like I am sorry- been like this all morning- just finally caught up to me... you know.. and he looks at me all serious and says- "And you couldn't have had this break-down while your Aunt was STILL here?" LOL I just broke out laughing!

So the rest of the day really was relaxed- I watched House Season 1 in my bedroom most of the day- he watched movies out here. Then we both kind of got a second wind and he started putting up my new IKEA furniture. The shelf and desk set is up, I put the new TV stand up and he is now switched with me- he is watching movies in the bedroom while I watch Sunday night TV- and he is putting together the drawers for the new dresser.

I am really excited about how the bedroom is going to look when this is all said and done. :)

As for the emotional day, I guess it was bound to happen- but it is not going to get me down. I am kind of glad it finally just gave and I can move on now! LOL

Tomorrow I am going to sleep in and then start on catching up on my work emails. THAT should be fun... NOT! LOL
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