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Sunday October 19th/Monday weigh in....

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Hey Guys! Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Now that its come to an end, and I was able to make it through yet another week, I can now say there is only 3 weeks ahead of me, 15 actual gym days left to give this transformation all I got, kind of hard to believe!

As you can imagine I am starting to think about and preparing the speech of all speeches for when I will meet up with my close friends and family in 3 weeks where it will be the actual "end" of this crazy crazy pressured time. And I am going to soooo welcome that time!

My life has just changed so much friends, cannot really even begin to say how. Its just impossible to describe. However, even today, at the weight I am, I still find myself when seeing my reflection thinking thoughts as if I am still just not slim as some people say. Its really strange.

Perhaps its because when you have been obese/overweight all your life, the only thing you really ever knew was to say things to yourself "I need to lose weight" not the opposite. So this is something I think that I will have to work on later. Because really with the little amount of weight that I have to lose, it will not make a huge difference in my appearance, not to mention there really "wont" be much left of me. But I guess its another factor that I will have to work on just like the maintenance.

This whole thing has moved so fast for me perhaps compared to many people, that I haven't had time to really adjust to it, or even to the different parts of my life that has changed now a days. It's been like a ongoing crazy mentally and physically challenging time, that there was never really anytime for myself to even look at and see and understand what I have actually accomplished and tackled. It has moved so fast!

People who see my photos, and have heard my story are pretty much shocked at the rapid changes, and then I am just left there testifying that "yes I did do this naturally, just by working out and by eating properly" lol

I guess the body is just an amazing thing that we were all blessed with. I personally feel blessed that I was able to actually take this journey because when I reflect on it, watching every change happen right before my eyes, changes that I have never seen in my life! How exciting is that?

Anyways, I suppose tonight is just one of those thinking sort of nights, and probably if I wanted to, could talk for a long time, but the truth is, I have to be up at 5:40 tommorow morning so its best I be going.

But I will just add to this blog tommorow, when I announce my scale weight.

**Also I wanted to mention, with only 2 weigh ins left before the finale..I have decided to NOT weigh myself for the next 2 Monday's, and whatever the scale reads November 11 th, is what it will read. I think it would be a nice way to end this for even myself.

I also am thinking of video taping it, no matter what the scale says, and then posting that video on my blog so we can ALL share in that moment. That one year anniversary day, that will make my mark. Will I make it, or will I not..I suppose we will see. But either way, it is going to be like a big weight lifted off my shoulders. No more pressure to train so hard like I have been, no more presssure to lose 150lbs, no more pressure to be at the gym 5 days a week or early mornings, or double will be so much more relaxed for me. Something that I truely believe I need when this is done. That.... and perhaps a good vacation somewhere, warm and nice and peaceful:-)

To think, I will only have to go to the gym, or workout at home 3 times a week, for perhaps 45minutes to keep up the muscles and body weight, and just eat healthy all week..(which I am excited about because there are so many amazing "healthy" foods out there that I cannot wait to try) leaving my weekends to splurge a bit.
I already know that is how its going to be, that is how it HAS to be for me. The only balance that will keep me in check for maintance.

Some people have said to me "well...even throughout the week..just have little bits of things if you really want to/ which included like bad stuff. But, I already know I cannot do that. If I do that, I know myself, that perhaps that type of action (thinking its OK to eat junk)will start a bad habit again. Which makes me really nervous and scared a little.

I do NOT want to make those forbidden foods a part of my everyday life, even if just a sample of it per day. Weekends will be different, where I will look at it as more of a reward. This will be my maintenance plan friends. That attitude along with going to the gym 3 times a week is whats going to keep me going on the path to continue living the healthier life I have chosen. And I always have my scrapbook that I made to look back on whenever I feel the need to, to remember all the hard work I put into getting to where I am today. Never will I ever allow myself to forget where I was before and for the many years of my life.

Well there I go babbling, better be going. Have a great night..and i will be posting my weight asap tommorow morning after the gym when I get back! Right under here...let's hope good numbers(its like hoping for your lottery numbers to come up) smiles


THIS MORNINGS WEIGHT SHOWED 137LBS!!! 3 lbs better than none right!!! 13lbs left to lose!

Rosy hugz
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