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Sunday Mission Accomplished

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:17pm

I did, I really did it! Even with the tire place taking twice as long as they said they would I completed all of my Sensational Sunday tasks . The down fall, now I have no energy to post. Let's just say it was a GREAT day on all fronts, food, activity, family, I even got a nap in! Oh! and Wall-E was FABULOUS! The three of us really liked it.

Here's my walk today – I can't wait till I can run again- but this felt AWESOME!

Let's have a great week! Are you ready?

Food Points
Some mango and apple slices split with the toddler 1
leftover Oven Fried Food Fest 4
banana 2
grilled turkey breast cutlet and corn on the cob (my healthy BBQ fest) 4
SMALL movie pop corn split with the toddler 3
cold corn on the cob (a favorite snack on mine in the summer) 1
Veggie wrap made with Skillet Veggies (recipe to come) .5 oz cheese, 1 point wrap and a bit of green chili sauce 2
2 servings of LesserEvil Black & White Kettle Corn (I measured out s serving baggies so I can't grab the bag and go) 4
20 minute walk - 1.12 miles (my first real activity since the surgery) -1
Total 20

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