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Sunday Dinner: Going Deep

Posted Sep 19 2010 8:17am

This pizza…is money.

I’m usually a (ultra?) thin-crust girl, but when I saw this recipe from Cooking Light, I decided it was time to go a little deeper.

I made some changes to the original recipe. First, I opted against making the dough from scratch. It’s a simple enough recipe, but with my car in the shop, I wasn’t in the mood to spend an extra $4 on supplies. I wanted to buy pre-made dough, but neither Super Target nor Whole Foods carry refrigerated pizza dough; WF had frozen dough, but I didn’t have the necessary thaw time.

Central Market to the rescue! They had pre-made dough ready and willing.

I love that store.

Anyway, I also decided against the pre-cooked chicken sausage that Cooking Light calls for. Instead I used four slices of cooked bacon and about six ounces of ground mild Italian sausage sauteed in the bacon fat with some chopped onions.

Sorry, but that’s the 300-pound gay man inside me revealing himself. He was hungry and, well, he likes porking.

Everything else, I did their way! I saved on the dough but didn’t skimp on the fresh herbs — and they were totally worth it in this case.

For this pizza, you layer the ingredients on in a different order that I’m used to.

Get it all ready…

While it baked, I channeled my inner 25-year-old white girl and made a Caesar salad, and then waited impatiently for my pizza.

What a difference that extra inch makes.

THIS PIZZA WAS SO GOOD! Eric loved it (of course he did; we all know the fastest way to impress a guy with your cooking is to add MEAT, preferably sausage) and so did I. I mean, why did I not love deep-dish sooner?! I love carbs and pizza crust, and this was pretty much just an extra layer of chewy, carby, fluffy goodness. And then it was topped with chewy bacon and spicy sausage?! To. Die. For.

I seriously had to stop myself from just being ridiculous, because I’m pretty sure I could have taken down half the pizza in one sitting. (It sort of made me want to start running again, because I want a post-race excuse to eat a ton of it.) But actually, one-and-a-half slices seemed to be the perfect amount both times I had it.

It may feel a little different at first, but going deep is so worth it.

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