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Summertime 2010 Book Review Series: ‘Six Weeks To Sleeveless And Sexy’ By JJ Virgin

Posted Jun 21 2010 3:08pm

Books, books, and more books! I got ‘em coming out of my ears for the Summer of 2010, so I’m doing this special series of reviews of the newest and best low-carb, health, and nutrition books that you may want to take a closer look at. Many of the authors of the featured books are scheduled to be guests on my podcast show in the coming months. My goal is to try to feature at least one new book review a day, every day all summer long. There’s a lot of great stuff out there you need to know about and I can’t wait for you to see what all is available! ENJOY!

There’s something appealing about a woman who feels confident enough to show off her arms in public. Feeling comfortable in your own skin and even flaunting it a bit is the dream of so many women and yet most of them think it’s just a pipe dream to even think about trying to wear a tank top or some other sleeveless top in a public place. But celebrity fitness and health coach JJ Virgin says it doesn’t have to be that way and she shows you how in her latest book Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy: The 5-Step Plan to Sleek, Strong, and Sculpted Arms .

JJ has such an infectious writing style that you can’t help but be attracted by what she has to say. But just one look at this woman who is “sleeveless and sexy” herself and you’ll be convinced of the very principles she teaches in her book. The format is simple–seven chapters to show you how to do it, including two critical ones that focus on nutrition. This may shock a lot of people who think the key to getting good-looking arms is all about the gym, but that’s where JJ Virgin is different. She knows a healthy diet is essential and it’s not just any old diet either.

Once you get started on your plan, one of the first things you do is “Clean Out Your Kitchen.” Gone are the starchy, sweet, and processed carbohydrates that are dooming you to a lifetime of flabby arms. She also encourages you to dump the so-called “healthy” foods that are chock full of sugar like yogurt with fruit in the bottom, microwave popcorn, those gimmicky 100-calorie packs , fruit juices, and “light” salad dressings. JJ gives you a reality check that taking the fat away from anything just to make it healthier is in fact doing just the opposite because they’re packing that product up with more sugar in the process. Finally, common sense and cold hard facts from a diet book!

In order to make fat-burning commence in your arms and the rest of your body, JJ recommends a diet that doesn’t skimp on the protein, includes healthy amounts of fat, nonstarchy vegetables, and high-fiber carbohydrates that rank very low on the glycemic index. She believes all four of these foods are “essential to your health” and to not go overboard beyond the natural satiety mechanism that is within all of us. Paying attention to your body, feeding it properly (which likely goes against much of what you’ve heard is “good” for you most of your life), making sure you consume protein at every meal, and drinking an ample amount of water between meals will have you well on your way to “sexy” arm success! Recommendations about what the right kinds of foods to consume are included in the book so you’re not left to your own devices trying to figure it all out. It’s right there, including what foods you probably need to avoid as well. This really is a user-friendly guide you can refer to again and again.

Six Weeks To Sleeveless And Sexy also provides readers with ways to incorporate healthy habits into their diet which is a vital element for achieving the results you’ve been looking for. While most of the “experts” in health are encouraging people to eat more carbohydrates and less fat, JJ Virgin knows this is pure nonsense if you want to be successful. Get rid of the sugar, ditch the vegetable oils, chunk the processed, pre-packaged foods, forget about orange juice, no more artificial sweeteners, say no to peanuts, give up white potatoes and mashed potatoes, stop eating grain-fed meats, kick the margarine habit…the list goes on and on. She encourages better choices like using coconut milk, opting for extra-virgin olive oil, walnut oil, or coconut oil, making your own salad dressings, using xylitol or stevia for sweetening, consuming a whole orange on occasion, selecting better nuts like almonds and walnuts, eating sweet potatoes or using cauliflower instead, buying grass-fed beef from a local farmer, and choosing fresh organic butter whenever possible. This is the kind of sage advice we need to hear from those at the forefront of nutrition and fitness in America, but unfortunately JJ Virgin’s message is a rarified breed.

So what about the exercise part? Yep, it’s in there. You didn’t think you’d be let off the hook on that one, did you? But the good news is JJ makes it easy by sharing exactly what you need to do, what equipment you’ll need to accomplish your goals, and full pictorial demonstrations about how to properly do each exercise well. Seeing the author with her well-toned “sleeveless and sexy” arms showing you step-by-step what to do will motivate you to make it happen for yourself. She’s a built-in inspiration for anyone attempting to make these changes become a reality.

In addition to the right kind of diet and specific exercises, you’ll learn that a good night’s sleep and proper stress management are integral parts of the equation as well. Getting too little sleep can quickly derail your best efforts to lose weight and build muscle and JJ explains why in this book. She arms you with the tools to get the best possible sleep at night so you can receive all the healthful benefits it offers your body. On the subject of stress, you’ll learn that it “makes you old and fat and it forces you to reach for granny gown instead of a sexy nightie!” The body will protect itself when stress is present and it’s not a pleasant experience. Hormones go wild and fat-burning ceases while it deals with this crisis you’re putting it through. A domino effect of reactions happen when stress happens, so JJ gives you practical ways to destress and get your life back again.

Finally, you’ll find out why you’ve failed at keeping your weight off in the past and how to prevent that from happening again this time around. You’ll no longer be in “diet mentality” because JJ teaches you this is a lifestyle change you can live with and will want to do forever and ever. No more needless calorie-counting, slashing fat grams, choosing “healthy” packaged foods, and all the other garbage advice we’ve been led to believe is best for our bodies. In Six Weeks To Sleeveless And Sexy, you learn there is a better way and there is no way you cannot be all that you can be following this plan. You’ll learn that your body is not a simple bank account of calories in, calories out. It’s about the quality of those calories you consume and the type of movement you put your body through that will pay the biggest dividends for you in the end.

Even when you think you might have messed up, JJ Virgin explains all is not lost. You’re on this journey and it’s a winding road of ups and downs just like life. But it’s how you respond to the adversity that determines where the road will lead you. With a health coach like JJ explaining it all for you and helping you to understand the why and the what all along the way, you’ll have no choice but to show off your “sleeveless and sexy” arms in no time flat. Don’t believe it can happen? Give JJ six weeks and commit yourself to this like nothing you’ve ever done before. You’ll be surprised by the results you will get accomplished in such a short period of time. Now get out there and GO FOR IT!

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