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Summertime 2010 Book Review Series: ‘Dana Carpender’s New Carb & Calorie Counter’ By Dana Carpender

Posted Jun 03 2010 12:00pm

Books, books, and more books! I got ‘em coming out of my ears for the Summer of 2010, so I’m doing this special series of reviews of the newest and best low-carb, health, and nutrition books that you may want to take a closer look at. Many of the authors of the featured books are scheduled to be guests on my podcast show in the coming months. My goal is to try to feature at least one new book review a day, every day all summer long. There’s a lot of great stuff out there you need to know about and I can’t wait for you to see what all is available! ENJOY!

She is the reigning queen of low-carb cuisine and for good reason–Dana Carpender knows her stuff when it comes to easily making a carbohydrate-restricted eating plan a part of a normal, everyday way of life. While the media and health pundits choose to denigrate low-carbohydrate nutrition for whatever their reasons, people like Dana just keep living by example and sharing with the world the knowledge and experience she has attained as a decade-plus low-carb veteran. And more than anything else, she recognizes that people need help keeping track of their carbohydrate and calorie intake which is why she’s released Dana Carpender’s NEW Carb and Calorie Counter-Expanded, Revised, and Updated 4th Edition: Your Complete Guide to Total Carbs, Net Carbs, Calories, and More .

When a book has been through four updates and revisions, you know it’s a useful tool for people and this book is no exception. In typical Dana Carpender style, whose line of low-carb cookbooks are heralded by any serious low-carb dieter, she starts off by telling you the basics of livin’ la vida low-carb and how to make the most of her 350-page mass paperback book. Useful tips, health checklists, common health problems improved by low-carb nutrition, ways to enhance your low-carb lifestyle, and gentle encouragement dominate the first 30 pages.

It’s a great refresher course for those of us who have been eating this way for a long time or an outstanding introduction to a whole new way to think about healthy eating for those who are new to carbohydrate-restriction. I especially liked her section “10 Great Snacks for 5 grams of Net Carbs Or Less!” to help all you road trippers know exactly what to bring with you to stick with your low-carb plan. She even does the same for national fast-food and popular sit down restaurants telling you EXACTLY what to order at places like Burger King, Hardee’s, Denny’s, KFC and even Pizza Hut! This is a nice book to keep in the glove compartment of your car for speedy reference while traveling.

The bulk of the book is in a table format with the name of the food or beverage, serving size, calories, total carbs, fiber, net carbs, protein, and fat listed for each. It begins with 16 pages of beverages, then 107 pages of common foods you would purchase for your family to eat, and finally nearly 200 pages of all the nutritional information about the foods you would order at a restaurant. I suppose it’s a sign of our times that restaurants would receive nearly DOUBLE the amount of space in a book like this, but I’m all about arming people with information that will help them make better choices for the sake of their health. And Dana has done just that with this newly updated version of her carb and calorie counter book.

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