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Summerizing Week 1 of incorporating calorie counting, 5 day a week workouts, a few slip ups...but a true and REAL amazing new wa

Posted Aug 20 2010 12:15pm
Hey Friends. Thought I would jump on quick and let you all know that I kept up with my workouts all week and wanted to give you a general overview of how it went this first week regarding counting calories and getting serious and STAYING on schedule where concerning my workouts(my number 1 priority)...and so happy that I managed to not even skip one day at the gym an awsome start in this journey in getting back! My own personal schedule consisted of..

MON- WEIGHTS followed by 30 mins of CARDIO
TUES- 45 mins of circuit CARDIO (use of different machines one after the other)
WED- WEIGHTS followed by 30 mins of CARDIO
THURS- 45 mins of circuit CARDIO (use of different machines)
FRI- Last day of WEIGHTS for the week followed by cardio (bike) for 45 minutes..(thought I would do extra since it was my last day for the week and because I caved last night) LOL DAMN PIZZA! My own personal choice that I made last night to eat 3 pieces of pizza made me work a little harder today.

So this is my workout schedule that I will continue doing for the next 3 weeks without changing which will make it 4 in total
(I am using machine weights right now(not my favorite) but, nevertheless working all body parts as hard as I can during each of my 3 scheduled weight days) and then will go into doing my free weights after the 4 week term. Just thought its a great way to get my strength back up there, before going into it a little more heavier and more structured.

I truely believe that its important to not shoot myself into it full blown like before and end up being stressed and miserable. Too much planning, too hardcore too many choices makes it hard to keep up and might turn me the other way which is to give up on getting back which is the last thing I want to do.

And this time I am doing it MY way! MY foods, and lots of variety. Whether it works or not, we shall see as time goes on! The calorie counting in general is going really well. I am managing to stay USUALLY between 1300-1500 cals depending on day/hunger.

I do notice however that my appetite tends to get increased when I am tackling my cardio day..the 45 minutes. But I think in time this will change. My body will need to get used to being pushed again. It is still kinda new with me getting back and all, and when burning for 45 minutes straight you cannot blame a body for wanting more calories:)

Now, this has caused me a few downfalls as far as foods(on those cardio days I mentioned) I had a few sweets, and pizza..(This is something I will have to try and change as well as time goes on. I think its OK to be hungry. If your body is telling you its really hungry it might just be because it is. I tried to fight it the other night for a few hours..and then couldnt take it anymore. But Its the choices we make to refuel our bodies in the end that will make a bigger difference later!

BUT, remember that I am trying this new way for the first time. I have never really counted actual calories before. More or less I knew what to eat and what not and thats how I did things. But that way, only problem is,  you never really know if you are actually in what should be considered your daily calorie count or not. And my whole idea behind this whole new approach is to see if what they say IS indeed true when it comes down to the truth. If I am going to the gym Monday to Friday and working out hard (NO MATTER WHAT) and at least the MAJORITY of the time eating clean and within calorie limitations on the whole, even whether I cave either once or even a couple of times a week eating not exactly the greatest foods! Would I still lose?

I have read more then once in certain articles on the internet that really in the end it actually doesnt matter what you eat. Its all about calories in, calories that being said if staying within my personal calories...will I still lose in the end? Even with a few screw ups as in not the bestest choices but still counting. Hey I have time on my hands right now, I am not in any rush, so this is what I want to find out by trying it myself.

Again, I think when people are overweight or obese, its automatically implanted in our brains almost that its TERRIBLE and so WRONG to allow ourselves to eat outside of what is considered "healthy"or whatever is not allowed on any restricted  type of diet which most of them are. And it hits us so hard I think, more then we actually realize.

So much so that the "occasional" or not exactly "scheduled" and sometimes "unplanned" treat makes us look so down at ourselves more so then the "treat" itself. You ate it, now just burn it is how we should start looking at things! We need to take responsiblity in that way now. Become more aware. And dont beat ourselves up, but keep it as occasional as possible and the best way to learn this is to make ourselves work hard after its in. If it means an hour of cardio...just DO IT.  How does that sound. You want the occasional treat, well then you know you have to get active and know just how many calories are in that sucker so you know how many calories you should be burning. If you havent already you should check out Dairy Queens website for fun. That will help you be a little more informed. There you will be given calorie straight up, and just how many calories are in those great yummy icecream delights! Really scary:-(
Open another window and try it out!

Once there, click on DQ menu at the top. Then click on Nutrition info. Then click on food and treats nutritional facts. Then nutrition facts for treats 2010. (sorry I would have linked it but it wasnt letting wonder why eh?)

For instance they clearly state that even one of my all time favorites "Peanut Buster Parfait" is OVER 700 CALORIES and thats if its done properly?!! So just this info ALONE clearly now makes me reconsider having it all the time, and more so on a seriously occasional basis. It just makes us more aware of just how many calories some things carry with them that we decide to ingest that we THEN have to be responsible for, concerning them in the game of weightloss.

But will I have it ever again...damn straight! But not all the time. Actually just last week hubby was taking the kids to DQ for a treat and asked if I wanted to come...after reading the calories in so many of their products and being reminded of how many they wasnt actually that hard for me to pass..."naa I think I will just stay home this time around". And thats just what I did.

And when you start working out more anyways, you will start making automatically I think better choices. Because you know you are working hard, you know what you are looking at achieving and what will hold you back and slow it are putting time and effort into making GOOD why jeapordize it (so easily anyways or too often)? It will happen the odd time, but we need to know that it should really only be occasional. Thats what they should be there for. And make it smaller treats if you can. Whatever you have to do. It all comes down to knowledge. IF we are more informed, and information is more clear, then it makes it a little more easier for us in the end to understand. The more we get bombarded with loads of info..the more its just too complicated and we give up!

And not to mention there are so many "this way", and "that way" regarding diets that we hear about today..its so damn complicated! What is truth? What is not?  But does it really have to be? For me, I think the one thing we have to learn to do is to erase those thoughts that cause us confusion first. Take a step back and start fresh using common sense. By listening to every single thing out there and starting off being confused and out in left field by letting in all this info, it only puts so much extra pressure on us to be 100% perfect in whatever we decide to go with those other "so called diets," something we really DONT NEED.

But when I do cave..I dont want it to eat away at me like in the past where I dont go to the gym at all the next day or for even a few after that! That is my old way of thinking and should be yours too! Obviously this is not working. Something is not right.

This is an attitude that I believe we should all change in order to better ourselves! WE NEED TO CHANGE. Like when I ate pizza last night..I felt not only bloated as hell and heavy from the white flour..but I contemplated once it was eaten, should I even go in the morning?

That old idea which I think is so BACKWARDS when really thinking about it, once again came into my head like most of us have already experienced and said.."na dont go tommorow..skip a day". "It prob screwed up your weight session anyways..I can easily go on sat instead to make up for FRIDAY". But in reality this is probably why YOU SHOULD GO more then ever. So that your body can at least BURN some of the wrong doings you did. Correct or not? I dont know why most of us go through this way of wrong thinking. But I am almost certain that it has something to do with how media and all "diets" around put in our heads that all we can eat is "THIS" and dont you dare screw up "in what they think is a screw up" talk about bringing us down? Is it not? Because we are fat, or overweight or whatever, how can a fat person actually eat an icecream. OH I will show them how...just like this:) LOL

But this attitude brings us down in the end, and makes us stressed, we feel deprived, different  then others, we feel like we dont DESERVE things like others because look at what we did. We have many cravings, and all this only helps us to make mistakes in the end instead of positive changes because of the mental beating up we go through. And so the whole thoughts of "working out" are actually last on our list because we have all this other stuff we are now dealing with.  In that moment speaking from my own experience, we feel that we already ruined EVERYTHING up until that point. BUT truthfully...have we ruined it? All those hours that I/we put in throughout the week..a few nights where I wasnt perfect...did it really ruin all the muscle I have been building along with all those cardio sessions?

I doubt it! I really doubt it! And this truely is what we will find out. I dont even plan on being perfect for these next 4 weeks. I do believe, and I am prepared and have accepted the fact that there WILL be days that I will again make a mistake or two...but...I will keep it going.:)

Safe to say, I was strong enough to make the right decision to get back to that gym the very next morning after the pizza incident as planned, no matter how crappy I felt at that point, no matter how my mind was trying to convince me otherwise. I am not going to skip my workouts EVER. Its important to see if this is the actual key in ongoing steady but yet less stressful weightloss.

Its important to change my/our thoughts around for ongoing success later on. Its important to not beat yourself/myself up for having something bad so much so, that it ruins my genuine intentions on pushing myself in becoming healthier and more physically fit. I need to from now on keep GOING to the gym no matter what!

I cannot help but think that if we could do it...ongoing(being physically active and pushing ourselves no matter what) to commit to going to the gym as number 1 priority at least 5 days a week..and to take away all that negative thinking we deal with and change that around to positive and STOP beating ourselves up whenever having a fall out, chances are we will still lose! Perhaps at a slower rate, but we will lose! And how awsome is that? Its a whole new way of thinking. Its a whole new way of LIVING and LOSING.

I am trying to find balance this time around. I dont want it to be only one way or the other. I will not be a robot eating the same everyday. I will not have high expectations of myself to be this perfect dieter because I have weight to lose. Instead I will be allowed to have a VARIETY of DIFFERENT foods, making healthier  choices 90% of the time, and will have my cake and eat it too like every other skinny girl out there!

Things will be different this time around. Dont get me wrong...I will really try my hardest to eat right for MOST of the time. I am NOT encouraging everyone to eat unhealthy all the time and go to the gym..cause you will be working for nothing. You might maintain..but thats about all. We are looking at weightloss so we need to consider this when making decisions on food in general. And besides all these hours I put into the gym every week it would not make sense for me to workout out to become healthy and strong and only eat garbage 3 times a day..this is NOT what I am saying.

I will not each junk everyday..but..when it comes down to it and when it happens that I do..I will keep going to that gym NO MATTER WHAT!:-D
Its funny because a friend of mine asked me if I lost weight the other day cause I havent seen her in a few weeks (I think something is worrrrrking);-)

Imagine that, two weeks of change and I get asked that question. And guess what..I havent been perfect like before. Just commited myself to Monday to Friday good workouts, and healthier choices.

But in time we will see. I hope this really works because if it does, I am going to be planning on talking alot more on my next webcam. I have already started writing down notes of what topics I want to talk to everyone about.

I know I am not a trainer..I know that I dont have qualifications that "others" might have..but what I do myself once again and using my own experience to share it with all of you.

The last transformation I did, I DID prove to everyone that anyone who is obese/overweight can lose weight at a crazy speed and completely tranform their bodies where they never thought possible from one way to another without using any quick fixes, or operations.

I can honestly say I used nothing but good nutrition and alot of exercise and weight training (which some people may not believe) which allowed me to make my goal in that short period of time.

But that was NOT realistic really. Especially for the mothers reading, those who cant afford a trainer. Those who want to eat different kinds of foods. Those like me TODAY who are just WANTING TO LIVE life while getting healthier and losing weight and not wanting their WHOLE Life to be centered on just that.

In the end that was NOT living for me. A year of completely COMPLETLELY clean eating. Sometimes eating the same for months. Sitting out at gatherings having my own PRESELECTED meal. Having to be PERFECT almost 100% of the time. 2 hours in the gym everyday. (when looking back I dont even know how the hell I did it.) I doubt that I could actually do it like that ever again. It was a once in a lifetime thing lol.
I can only look back at that time like...I was just MEANT to do that. It was in the cards for me for some reason. And I do believe I did give back alot of hope to people who followed my story. Cause I honestly dont understand it myself where that kind of CRAZY determination came into the picture. Its truely unexplainable. How I could actually have been morbidly obese/overweight all my life pretty much and growing up with only bad habits, bad nutrition, not being phsyically active...and to completely change that around 100% all with a snap of a finger. (Thats CRAZY stuff) and I think there was something helping me that is much more stronger and higher then us as people. Perhaps it is another example of how the mind can work FOR us, and if used properly nothing is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve!

But this time around I am after something BIGGER and even BETTER. TRUE HAPPINESS with oneself and keeping it going even after your finished. Because in the end, no one is there except for you. SO we need to find something that is realistic and something which can be ongoing. I may not have my papers as far as a trainer, or have been to school regarding nutrition and calories and working out etc...but I do have something they may not have. I am in the same situation like many of you! So I am now trying out this new aproach not only for myself, but for others as well.

And if it works..boy, will my thoughts change regarding this whole situation.

We will see September how I do when my next update comes along.
I wanted to mention that before starting this new "concept" the gym had this scale that shoots this electric thing through your body (you dont feel it no worries) LOL

anyways, I got on it..and I have all the numbers ..from weight, to body fat..everything! a month I am really interested in going to ask them to do it again. No matter if i cheat here and there  and am not 100% all the time, what will those numbers show. And if the numbers turn out to be crazy good..this will prove to myself and others..that we dont have to be perfect all the time. What we really need to do is focus on continuing to be active and to eat a variety of DIFFERENT foods without using restrictive diets...just staying in our calorie budget and instead USING ALL food groups! To change our way of thinking FOR GOOD and to turn our thoughts into not expecting perfection from ourselves..but just making better healthier choices as often as we can, and gettting more fit and active and yes having delights sometimes.
Its been a great all around week! In general I havent felt deprived. If I wanted something on the off days I had it but as a whole ate really good. Was actually pretty full most of the time. And loved my workouts!
Now thats a more positive way to lose weight isnt it:)
Next week...tackling week 2
Talk soon

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