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Summer Of Superstars: Low-Carb Leaders Taubes, Volek, Westman And More Shine In 2010 IMS Summer Series

Posted May 20 2010 3:04pm

I don’t know what your plans are for this summer, but I’m so excited to share with you about a special series of lectures on carbohydrate restriction and health coming up July 8-August 19, 2010 thanks to the organization of a company called Innovative Metabolic Solutions (IMS) , a physician and patient-based resource for education about the benefits of low-carb living that was the brainchild of three of the biggest names in the low-carb community–Gary Taubes, Dr. Mary Vernon, and Dr. Eric Westman.

The 2010 Summer Module Series will be taking place on Thursday nights all summer long beginning after Independence Day and running until the kids go back to school in late August. The interactive web-based lectures will begin promptly at 8PM ET and you can listen through your telephone or call in through Skype. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the kind of professional lectures you would hear at the top obesity and nutrition conferences, then this is it! And the best part is they are all tailored with a low-carb-friendly undertone backed by the scientific evidence that has been pouring out of the research in recent years.

IMS really did a fantastic job of lining up the best and brightest minds on the low-carb science forefront to present to you the most dynamic information on this way of eating you’ll hear anywhere. They attempted to have a very diverse set of voices to present information on various areas of health and how low-carbohydrate nutrition can produce benefits to patients. CME credit is available for medical professionals who attend these classes at a cost of $175/class or $150 each if you sign up for all 7.

Of course, most of us are lay people and don’t need CME credit, so IMS is offering a very special consumer discounted price for this series of just $60/class or $50 each if you register for all 7 of them. Once you see who is speaking, you’re DEFINITELY gonna want to make this a weekly appointment to listen, absorb, and learn all that you can throughout the summer. Check out these very special guests who will be speaking along with what they’ll be talking about:

“Challenging the Traditional View of Dietary Fat”

Dr. Westman is a world-renowned scientist from Duke University who has been studying low-carbohydrate diets for many years. His research has been lauded by his peers for presenting carbohydrate-restriction as a viable option for people suffering from obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. He also practices the principles he has learned in the labs with real patients at his Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Westman is also one of three co-authors of the bestselling The New Atkins For A New You book which brings the Atkins diet to a new generation of people who desperately need to hear the positive message of healthy low-carb living. Listen to my March 2010 podcast interview with Dr. Westman about the new Atkins book and go all the way back to May 2007 for my “old school” podcast interview with him at a bariatric physician’s conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Treating the Metabolically Obese Normal Weight Patient”

What more can you say about the work of Dr. Mary Vernon? One of the most enthusiastic people you will ever meet, she is quite the ambassador for promoting the low-carb science. She has nearly singlehandedly introduced carbohydrate-restriction science to members of The American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) by convincing that group to allow presentations from the top low-carb researchers at their annual conference. And she has seen patient after patient in her Lawrence, Kansas-based clinic dealing with every health ailment under the sun. Listening to Dr. Vernon speak is a real delight (as those of us who heard her on The Low-Carb Cruise this year and she’s already signed up to speak again in 2011!), so you won’t want to miss her talk. Take a listen to my latest podcast interview with Dr. Vernon from January 2010 .

“Carbohydrates and Small, Dense LDL: The Unspoken Connection”

Dr. Davis is a cardiologist who has done some truly spectacular work in the low-carb blogosphere the past few years at his thought-provoking “Heart Scan Blog.” He’s introduced so much information about thyroid, lipids, vitamin D and so many other topics of acute interest to the low-carb world that I consider him a great go-to source for some truly cutting-edge stuff when it comes to diet, nutrition, and health. His specialty is articulating the complex and making it understandable as you can hear in this January 2009 podcast interview I conducted with him. Meeting him and his lovely wife Dawn on the 2010 Low-Carb Cruise was also a true delight and he certainly didn’t disappoint with his presentation and input during the Q&A sessions. This topic of LDL particle size and the carbohydrate connection is one that needs to be heard by every health professional in the world!

“Metabolic Effects of Insulin on Metabolism: Role of Insulin Resistance and Exercise”

One of the most important health researchers examining high-fat, low-carb nutrition these days is Dr. Volek from The University of Connecticut. His groundbreaking work on saturated fat in conjunction with the great Dr. Stephen Phinney is legendary and a little known fact about his is that he himself is a world-renowned power lifter. He co-authored Men’s Health TNT Diet with Adam Campbell as well as The New Atkins For A New You Book with Dr. Westman and Dr. Phinney. Listen to my March 2009 podcast interview with Dr. Volek and read my September 2006 blog interview to get a feel for the way this man thinks. He’s the go-to expert when it comes to explains the detrimental impact of high insulin levels on metabolism (brought on by excessive consumption of carbohydrates) and he’ll be sharing that wisdom with us during his lecture.

“Why Menopause Matters: Where Did My Muscle Go and Other Metabolic Problems”

To be honest, I don’t really know very much about Dr. Green at all. Before seeing her name show up on this list of speakers for the 2010 Summer Module Series from IMS, I’d never heard of her. However, I have to admit that the subject matter of her lecture certainly sounds like an intriguing one that will be of interest to most of the women who read my columns. I will attempt to have her appear as a guest on my podcast show at some point to talk about this and other female-related topics concerning diet, health, and fitness. I’ve asked Innovative Metabolic Solutions to provide me more information about Dr. Green and I’ll be happy to pass along more about her including any web sites she might be affiliated with. Whether you are in your 20s or if you are post-menopausal, I have a feeling Dr. Green will have some invaluable information that will help you along in your personal low-carb health journey. Don’t miss hearing about this critical topic that every woman goes through eventually.

“Why We Get Fat: Adiposity 101 and an Alternative (Correct) Way of Thinking About Obesity”

What more can I say? Gary Taubes is the man and he’s been putting himself out there on the front lines of the diet debate since his monumental September 2007 release of Good Calories Bad Calories . A highly-sought after speaker, Gary is the consummate investigative journalist who has done his homework on the role saturated fat and carbohydrate play on health and it’s nothing at all like what we hear from the so-called health “experts” and media. I’ve enjoyed hearing him lecture at obesity conferences because he makes a solid case that carbohydrate restriction is far superior to low-fat diets when it comes to weight loss and improving health. Listen to my podcast interviews with him here , here , and here and be looking for his new book set to be released on January 4, 2011 tentatively-titled Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It . This IMS lecture will be a sneak peek of what he’ll be sharing in that book!

“Low Fat or Low Carb? History, Science, and the Swedish Experience”

Last, but most certainly not least is Dr. Eenfeldt who hails all the way from the country of Sweden. He is the owner and operator of the #1 low-carb blog in the entire world called “Kostdoktorn” translated as “Diet Doctor.” Dr. Eenfeldt is one of the leaders of the LCHF movement in Sweden right now trumpeting the high-fat, low-carb nutritional approach as a cure for obesity and most of the chronic diseases of modern man. He presented his very first lecture in English on the 2010 Low-Carb Cruise (and he’ll be joining us again in May 2011 for the next one!) and did a fantastic job utilizing both humor and quality statistical information to drive home his points. As I shared in my April 2010 spotlight of him, I believe Dr. Eenfeldt is a force to be reckoned with in the coming years articulating the principles of low-carb living not just in Sweden but around the world. You are in for a special treat hearing this man share the final lecture of the 2010 IMS Summer Module Series and I’ll be featuring him and his upcoming new book on my podcast this Fall.

Seating is limited for this series of scientific lectures, so reserve your spot today by e-mailing IMS representative Jeff Clinger at . Online registration will begin on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at . It’s gonna be a summer of superstars from the world of low-carb–DON’T MISS IT!

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