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Sugar monster

Posted Dec 23 2010 6:59pm

I took a complete rest day today.  I think that was a good idea.  I got up a little later than normal and started doing some work while I had coffee (lookin’ good!).

I have to laugh at the death grip on this coffee cup, too.  No one would be able to pry it out of my hands!

After John got up, I made some breakfast.  A good hearty bowl of Wheatena done banana custard style.  Topped with honey and PB.

Very good.  Felt good to have a nice fiber breakfast as well.

I tell you, some years are better than others in terms of the sugar monster.  It’s not nibbler this year, but something bigger LOL!  This one needs a name as he is quite the beast.

Years ago, I had cut sugar out completely after working through “The Sugar Addict’s Recovery Program.”  I really do think I was addicted to sugar and white things.  I even went so far that year as to have a pumpkin pie made with no sugar at all.  I do have to say that was too far.  Ick.

I have now come to where I know what sugar level I can have and be fine with, and I have crossed that line this week (which Helen noted).  While I love Christmas and all its associated goodies, there is a lot to be said for my normal way of eating and how good I feel when I do that.

Lunch was getting back to more super foods – this baked sweet potato was topped with laughing cow, sauteed broccoli, and a little BBQ chicken.  I liked it, too!

Job #2 was totally dead during the day.  I did make more cookies this afternoon and had a couple with my latte.

These are my favorite cookie – nutmeg logs !  I make them one time per year, and maybe that makes them taste special or something, because they are rare.  I actually was thinking how I really don’t make cookies at all except at Christmas.  Like Shelley said yesterday, I will be kind of glad to be done with the sweet things.

In typical fashion, a whole bunch of work got batched over right before dinner.  Guess who will be working tonight?  You all get gold stars for guessing me!  The nice thing is, I only have half a day tomorrow and no work on Christmas!  Yay!

I reached in the freezer for a quick dinner and came up with shrimp poppers and a red pear.

I wasn’t feeling the veggies for dinner.  Sometimes it is just hard for me to do veggies at more than one meal.

Now I must get back to work.  I’ll be posting a quick hot 100 update on Christmas Eve, and then made preparations for dinner hosting.  Have a super night!

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