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SUCCESS! And lots of it!

Posted Mar 20 2010 9:29am

Today I celebrate a very happy milestone. I've lost twenty pounds after keeping my sugar level below 15g a day for two and a half months. My jeans are very loose, which sort of weirds me out because I was quite comfortable in the size I was in those jeans and now I'm seeing the possibility that I may end up even smaller than that.

I haven't been exercising much, this is entirely diet related. I have not journaled, I have not dieted, I have not written things down, I've simply eaten sugar free for the most part and counted the grams when I ate anything containing sugar, being very careful to keep it under 15g. I also watch my carbohydrate intake but not terribly strictly...I don't count carbohydrates, I'm just aware.

I feel GREAT. There is no obsession with anything. I don't crave anything. I eat dark 86% organic chocolate almost every day and I enjoy a glass of red wine occasionally. I had a Guinness last night and was still below the daily recommended intake.

So I am carrying on..I can't imagine NOT eating this way forever. It feels so good and it's so easy. I haven't given up sugar, I'm just putting it in its place and keeping it to a minimum.

I'm having a nice big spinach salad and a pizza for dinner...poor deprived me!

Sorry I've been absent, I finished my novel which is at the publishers. It was a crazy busy time for me but it's all done. The release date is August 1, 2010.

Here is the FACEBOOK page about it.

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