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Stupid toe

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:01pm
I’m a little bummed. I thought my toe was pretty much healed, and trundled off to the gym for step class last night. Little did I know that about 5 minutes in my toe would let me know big time that it was certainly not ready for the step-hop-claps that were coming its way. At first it was a little weird being on that toe again, and then it was just painful. I had to skip the jumping jacks, tone down the L steps and couldn’t hustle around my bench. I feel like even though I still went and burned calories that I got cheated out of a good workout just because of my dumb toe. I’m bummed. I was so ready to be done with having a bum hoof and get back into the swing of things! I was craving my gym time and wanted to get nice and sweaty and have that great feeling of endorphins blasting through my system! I still got sweaty, but knowing that I wasn’t working to my full potential because of one stupid toe really bothered me. Blech. I think that maybe what was bothering me even more, was that when I was ready my body wasn’t, and I was a little worried that I’d take the easy way out and skip the gym for another few days, and then I’d be back into the old ways of “Well, I went one time last week, that should cover me” I’m one of those people that NEEDS to have gym time built into my normal routine, or I end up making excuses and just not going. So for now, I’m willing to deal with some discomfort, and dialing it back a bit, jut so I don’t slip back into bad non-gym habits.

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