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Study More About How Can I Lose 30 Pounds Of Fat Healthfully And Eternally?

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:06pm

Your body contains 70% of water, so it’s unforced to lose weight fast. Any diet that dehydrates you will make quick, dramatic weight loss. Similar to lose 10 pounds in over the weekend? That’s easy! Just stop drinking water! Of course that would be quite dumb and pretty quick weight loss dangerous too, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you lose weight that fast (you’re simply dehydrating yourself - or even worse - you’re losing lean body weight too!). The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), one of the biggest and most esteemed health, medical and exercise organizations in the world, has released guidelines for healthy rates of weight loss.

In their situation announcement on “Proper and improper weight loss programs,” the ACSM advises losing weight at a rate of no more than two pounds per week. These two pounds per week instruction has become recognized as the standard rate for safe weight (fat) loss. over and over I see people get eager and they attempt to violate this rule, only to lose muscle, slow their metabolisms and finally gain all the fat back…and then some! Weight loss is not something to be rushed. You can drop 30 pounds of weight in 30 days, but you’ll NEVER lose 30 pounds of fat in 30 days. There are virtually no limits to what you can attain in the long run. You will absolutely STUN yourself at how much you can get in one, two, three years if you get on a supportive, healthy, long term nutrition and training program.

You can attain virtually any fat loss or fitness goal that you’re strictly committed to. However, you must be patient; there are exact limits to how quickly you can safely achieve fat loss. To many people who are irritated with little or no results, even with their best intentions, physique-enhancing drugs or hormones appear to be a panacea or “miracle cure.” Steroids have been there for a long time. So have obesity drugs. Lately, there’s been a huge push – particularly on the Internet - for the employ of Human Growth Hormone or Testosterone under the harmless sounding auspices of “anti-aging medicine” and “Hormone substitution therapy.” This sales pitch is being made mostly to the baby boomers, who very much want to regain their youthful looks and vitality.

Dramatic short-term results in body composition can be attained from explit of weight loss drugs, steroids, thermogenics, thyroid drugs, growth hormone and further chemicals. However, appearances can be deceiving. The rapid weight loss road of drug utilize can be a wild ride in the beginning, but in the long run, it doesn’t lead you anywhere – it’s a dead end street. despite of whether we’re talking about illegal steroids and performance enhancers, recommendation obesity drugs, hormone substitution therapy, or even over the counter “fat burning” drugs like ephedrine, these are all really one in the same:

(1) Billion Dollar money makers, and
(2) Feeble short-term attempts at treating impacts, not causes.

Let’s take weight loss drugs, for instance:

What would happen if the pharmaceutical companies lastly came out with a “safe and effective” obesity drug and brought it to the marketplace on a enormous scale? Think about it: Did Xenical cure obesity? How about Phentermine? Meridia? Adipex? Bontril? Didrex? Tenuate? What about Ephedrine? Did that answer the obesity problem? How about gastric bypasses? 60,000 were made last year. Did that solve the obesity problem? In a few excessive cases where someone’s health is at stake, and when time is of the essence, the advantages of drugs obviously outweigh the risks. However, even in these cases, you have to concede that it’s a short-term healing. Here’s the problem with thinking that some drugs will be a long-term way out:

We live in an arranged universe where everything happens for a reason (by “law”). For every effect, there is a cause. There are no accidents.

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